I’m Tired

It’s Monday. The weekend was hard. Not my fault, things were all settled for the whole thing to run smoothly, and it didn’t.

Firstly, we were supposed to meet the propane furnace repair man at our other place on Saturday afternoon.


Dual Speed ADHD

Some things have infinite speed settings, you set it to whatever you want, some have a variety of set speeds, you feel the control click into place with each speed setting you turn to.


I Am Found

There was a time in my life when I was lost. I’m not talking about religion here. I’m talking about life.

I was unsure of myself, and with good reason.


Working on relaxing

This blog is getting close to having a thousand posts. In fact, in three weeks it will have.

The first post was written by Dr John Grohol. It was an introduction to this blog.


What’s The Talk?

Nine hundred and ninety posts. Actually, more than that. This blog has been going for almost six and a half years.

And every week there have been three new posts.


ADHD Has No Standard

So look, if you’re not a psychiatrist or a psychologist or someone in mainstream mental health care, and you don’t have ADHD, do me a favor, please? Stop weighing in.