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Archives for January, 2018


How To Make The Best Mistakes

Make the best ones ...

How do you know when you've made a mistake? You're going to say that something goes wrong, right? Well, you're mistaken.

When something goes wrong you've caused a problem, but unless you regret it, it wasn't a mistake.

If you did it on purpose, even if something goes wrong, if you don't regret it, it wasn't a mistake.

If you did it intentionally, and now you regret it ... yep, mistake.

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I’m Tired

... so tired ...

It's Monday. The weekend was hard. Not my fault, things were all settled for the whole thing to run smoothly, and it didn't.

Firstly, we were supposed to meet the propane furnace repair man at our other place on Saturday afternoon. He had a cancellation and went to our place in the morning, early, without notifying us ... who does that.

When he got there, he couldn't get in....
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Adult ADHD

ADHD, How We Are Different

... and who would want to be?

If we weren't different from the rest of the population, our diagnosis would be much simpler.

We'd all be labeled ... normal.

And man, wouldn't that be dull and boring?

But we are different and it's those differences that both make us the wonderful entities that we are, and make us miserable.
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Adult ADHD

Dual Speed ADHD

Not quite, but close ...

Some things have infinite speed settings, you set it to whatever you want, some have a variety of set speeds, you feel the control click into place with each speed setting you turn to.

Most people think ADHD has one speed, flat out.

But of course, that's not true.

Now you're thinking that there's flat out and stopped dead, like when we pass out from exhaustion. But no, that's not a...
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Not A Day Goes By …

Not even one ...

There are some things that are a part of life for some of us.

For instance, you may not know it to look at me, but I'm an alcoholic. And not a day goes by that I don't wish I could just say "Screwitol" and sit myself down with a nice tall drink.

Or seventeen of them.

The other thing that people can't see when they look at me is my ADHD.
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We Are Unable To Answer Your Call

Almost gone ...

Actually, it may be that my phone will still work, but I'm not giving out my number. And I hardly ever answer the thing anyway. Text me if you need me.

Okay, I might not answer that either. I also might not get it.

For the first time since I started writing this blog I'm going on a vacation. A real vacation. With sights to see and things to do and a...
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I Am Found

Welcome home

There was a time in my life when I was lost. I'm not talking about religion here. I'm talking about life.

I was unsure of myself, and with good reason. I seemed to be on the wrong planet.

I felt certain that I was in the wrong place because I didn't fit in. I didn't match the other people in my world. They didn't behave the way I did, didn't think the...
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Working on relaxing

The what? Wait ... what?

This blog is getting close to having a thousand posts. In fact, in three weeks it will have.

The first post was written by Dr John Grohol. It was an introduction to this blog. I don't think either one of us had any idea it would have this kind of longevity, but we both did the best possible thing for it, we set no limits beyond integrity and a...
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What’s The Talk?

... and counting

Nine hundred and ninety posts. Actually, more than that. This blog has been going for almost six and a half years.

And every week there have been three new posts. And every post has had something to do with ADHD.

Admittedly, some of the posts have been about my life, with just a hint of how ADHD has impacted or affected certain situations.

But other posts have been about new information about...
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ADHD Has No Standard

Nope. There's none

So look, if you're not a psychiatrist or a psychologist or someone in mainstream mental health care, and you don't have ADHD, do me a favor, please? Stop weighing in. Really. Shut UP!

I'm tired of memes that suggest discipline is a cure for ADHD. I'm tired of people claiming that they would have been diagnosed as ADHD if they had been allowed to do what they wanted. I'm tired...
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