People …

There are people who live in houses that look like magazine photos. That’s not me.

There are people who have their future plotted out perfectly. And if things go differently, they know exactly what their plan “B” is. That’s not me.

There are people who buy a book and when they’re done reading it they donate it to the thrift store or a charity book sale or they take it to the second hand book store for credit on their next purchase. I’m not one of those.

There are people who know what they’re going to do from one end of the day to the other each day when they get up. I know what I’m going to start doing, or at least what I’d like to start doing. And I’m not sure where I’ll end up.

There are people who can speak freely when in conversation, without fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time while being completely oblivious to what they’ve done. I can speak freely, and regret that in seconds.

Some folks …

Some folks file their income tax the first day that they can. Others schedule a day to take care of that. I scheduled a day last spring and got five years of income tax filed.

Some folks wear clothes that tell the world they are organized and in charge. I wear T-shirts that say things like “Nuke the Whales,” and “Moosician,” and “Music is My Religion.”

Some folks go grocery shopping with a list and come home with exactly what they went to get. If I get there with my list, I often come home with most of the things I wanted, somewhere in the bags with the stuff that was obviously what I really wanted but didn’t realize I wanted until I saw it.

There are those …

There are those people who know where the nearest emergency ward is in their community. I know know the layout of the entire hospital, I could work there as a volunteer I’m so intimate with the place.

There are those people who can carry their share of a conversation. I can carry my share and finish your parts for you. In fact, I’m so good at it that I can do both halves of the conversation single handed, by myself. the other conversant doesn’t even need to show up. In fact, if they do, they’d probably get their parts of the conversation wrong anyway, so it’s best if I just continue to talk to myself, right?

And then …

And then there are people who understand what I’m going through, or at least try to. There are people who get that I’m wired differently. There are people who enjoy the uniqueness that I bring to life. And they accept me for what I am.

And lastly, there are people like me. Lots of them. And they are amazing, given what they do and what they accomplish with what they have to work with, our minds in a world that was geared for other minds to function in.

There are people without ADHD, and there are people with ADHD. And while we are different, there are ways in which we aren’t all that different after all.

In this world …

… the most important thing is, there are people … period.

Let’s get along, ‘kay? Good.