my eye

An interesting view point …

I’m beginning to believe that if you have ADHD, you have vision trouble.

And yes, I’m talking about an inability to see visible light as clearly or as accurately as others do, not an inability to understand things …

Although that’s also an issue, am I right? But another day for that, eh?

This is about our eye sight.

I’ve recently become friends with my optometrist. We hang out and talk a fair bit. And she tells me that she sees a lot of ADHD like behavior in many patients.

Now understand that she does not tell me about her patients specifically. She is a doctor and does understand the concept of patient confidentiality. And she takes it to heart, it’s very important to her.

Generally speaking

So what I’m telling you is that when I say to her that people with ADHD do this or feel that or are likely to be this way or that way, she will often say that she sees a lot of that in her work.

Additionally, she is the one who clued me in to the study that indicates that people with ADHD often have a developmental difference in the thickness of the nerve layer in the eye.

And I’ve noticed lately …

In casting back through my memory of everyone I know who has ADHD, there are few of them who don’t have glasses, or should I say that there are few of them who aren’t benefited by glasses, when they have them.

So I’m starting to wonder if there is a greater connection between reduced visual ability and ADHD than even I have thus far noticed.

And those who don’t need glasses?

It’s interesting to note that my optometrist says my vision is bad in two ways, and those two ways seem to counteract each other. Apparently my astigmatism makes the extent of my far-sightedness less detrimental to my ability to see. And maybe more of us don’t realize our eyes are as bad as they are because of things like that.

But additionally, none of us are the same, so if we’re looking for physical clues to the presence of ADHD in our lives, we’re not likely to be able to find any single clue that is universal to us all.

Not the same

ADHD is being different in certain ways, yes, but also, are differences are of varying degrees. Some of us have some differences and some of us have others and all are to different extents. Why would the development of our eyesight be any different?

So my suspicion remains unfounded, yet perfectly viable.

It could be that having ADHD means we can not only have trouble seeing a way to live distraction free, but we might also have trouble just … seeing. Or to put it another way, I think I see something in all of this, but it’s still rather blurry.