It happens sometimes …

There are times when I feel like my life is clicking along. Like it’s rolling on rails and I can just watch it run.

When that happens I get scared. Well, I used to get scared.

I knew, I still know, that when I get complacent, I get cocky. And I start doing more and more stuff.

Then I start committing resources to multiple tasks.

And that’s when it happens

Yep. That’s when the wheels fall off. That’s when it all goes to hell in a hand cart. That’s when it all goes pear-shaped. That’s when … well, you get the picture.

And it is never pretty. Especially from my vantage point.

Fear …

It’s enough to make you fear when things are going well. Or at least it used to be enough to make me fear that.

But things are different now. Different for me.

I got smart

Ha. I did. And no, I didn’t start sabotaging my life so that it would never go smoothly so that it couldn’t then run amok and be devastated.

I noticed the weather.

Yep, the weather

I first started noticing how people often complain about the weather. After a while I discovered that some of them complain about the weather even when it was good.

“Nice day, eh?” “Yes, but how long will it last? Not long I bet. And yesterday was horrible, wasn’t it?”

All true

Then I started thinking, yes, all that is true, but why waste a good day worrying about that? And wait, what makes a bad day?

Okay, truth is that a day of snow and slush is maybe not a good day to go camping, but it’s a great day to read a book by the fireplace.

How does this relate?

If what makes a good day good, weather wise, is how it compares to a bad day, then obviously when you have a good day it should be enjoyed.

And when you do have a bad day, you should spend it remembering the good days that have passed, looking forward to more good days, and figuring out what this day is good for.

And when the wheels fall off

When the wheels fall off of my ADHD day, what do I do? I recognize that the wheels haven’t fallen off really, but maybe the bearings need to be lubricated or even replaced.

That is to say that when I have a day that overwhelms me, I try to remember that there are days that go smoothly, and I try to figure out how to put the wheels back on this day and save what I can of it.

And when I have good days?

I don’t spend them waiting for things to go bad. I enjoy them for what they have to offer and for as long as they offer that … and longer.

I know things will go wrong, but if I spend the good times worrying about that, then they’ve already gone wrong.

And if I’m already stressed when things go wrong, I’ll not be able to deal with them as quickly and as easily if I haven’t been worrying and stressing over that.

So now I have good days and better days. On a good day, the wheels fall off. On a better day I don’t think about the good days.