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Running On Relaxation

me, deck, lake
You’d think I’d take the time to look at the water ….

So I took a little holiday this weekend past. We went to the cottage.

It’s a fun thing to do, get away from your usual residence to someplace where your attitude is expected to be one of relaxation and recharging.

And that’s what it’s like at the cottage … or at least I’m sure it could be, eventually.

Peace and motion

I don’t need to sit still to relax, I’m more like the agitator in your washing machine. I like to constantly be in motion. I can relax that way, I swear I can.

But the truth of this weekend in the cottage is that we’d never been there before.

Gotta start somewhere …

And we’ve decided that we’re going to keep going to this cottage when we get the chance. So we spent the weekend figuring out the best ways to organize ourselves for this kind of break from the stress of everyday life.

And guess what? I’m pretty good at coming up with all kinds of options for us to try.

And I wanted to try them all!

Imagine, if you will, how many different ways I can think of for arranging three single beds, two double beds, and a double/single bunk bed in three bedrooms on two floors. Then add in three more single beds and a bunkie.

Yeah, sounds simple, but the math turns out to be staggering.

Taking a break

I did go kayaking in some fun, rolling water for a little while, and finished up just as it started to rain. We did have a campfire with marshmallows (the giant ones that won’t even fit in my mouth) one night.

And I sat on the dock and fished for about 45 minutes one day, which was more of an exercise in meditation than fishing.

But I wasted a lot of time also

How did I waste time? Well, as is usually the case for me, I took a lot more stuff to the cottage than I could ever have possibly used in one weekend. So the wasted time was time spent packing and moving stuff I didn’t need.

But I don’t regret that at all. It was a learning experience. And I am all about learning. That’s how I develop coping mechanisms.

And that’s a good thing

Yes, it is. I want to know how to make the time I spend at the cottage the most beneficial it can be. And I suspect that this weekend has given me a glimpse of how to do that.

I believe that I’ll need to keep myself busy when I’m there. And if the things I’m doing have no more benefit than to help me relax, then good.

So I’m going to say that, even though I never stopped going much this weekend, I think I’ve got this figured out. Because I feel most relaxed when I’m on the go.

Running On Relaxation

Kelly Babcock

I was born in the city of Toronto in 1959, but moved when I was in my fourth year of life. I was raised and educated in a rural setting, growing up in a manner I like to refer to as free range. I live in an area where my family history stretches back 6 or more generations. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 50 and have been both struggling with the new reality and using my discoveries to make my life better. I write two blogs here at Psych Central, one about having ADHD and one that is a daily positive affirmation that acts as an example of finding the good in as much of my life as I possibly can.

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