Wait. Is this a race?

Nobody told me this was a race. What’s going on?

Do I get a do over? Can I restart my life? How did I get into this mess?

Good questions …

You know, when I was younger, I often felt like I was falling behind. But the truth is that if I let something slide it often turned out not to mater.

There would be things in school that really didn’t interest me. And I confess that I would often just snooze through the classes that I couldn’t pay attention to.


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The weirdest!

Well, okay, I wasn’t snoozing.

I’d be a million miles away in my head, roaming through a thousand different thoughts that titillated me while the teachers voice would drone on in the background of my mind like a gentle breeze blowing through a park with trees and flowers and bicycles and people with pets who could do tricks like catching flying discs like the ones I used to do tricks with myself when I could get out and play and wasn’t stuck at a desk.

And lose?

Well, I’d lose marks in school, and I’d maybe end up with a C instead of a C+.

But in the end it seemed that having that diploma from high school was all I really needed to get hired. No one ever asked me in a job interview about that day in class when the teacher was discussing the flegella on a mitocriteria and how it was responsible for photoacticus of the adreginal puss.

Get Set …

But since school ended, I’ve noticed that I’m falling behind still. There are things I find it difficult to concentrate on, difficult to accomplish.

And the truth is that sometimes it’s hard to tell whether I’m getting ahead or falling behind.

It’s kind of like …

Well, frankly, it’s kind of like getting a mortgage. You borrow money to buy property. And you pay that money back, but some of what you pay back doesn’t go against your mortgage debt, it goes to pay the nice people who loaned you the money.

So, in simple numbers, you may have borrowed a thousand dollars, and you make payments of one hundred and ten every month for ten months and in the end, you’ve paid eleven hundred dollars, one hundred more than you borrowed and you own something worth one thousand dollars.

Are you ahead?

Or behind? The answer is more questions.

Did the property you bought go up in value while you paid it off? Would you have ever owned that property without the loan? Have you been able to make more money because you own the property?

And so to with ADHD

How can you tell if you’re ahead or behind with ADHD? The answer is that you can’t because you don’t know where you would have been without it, and you never will

So if you want to get ahead, if you really think that it’s a race, there’s only one thing you can do. Make the best progress you can at every opportunity, but don’t forget to breath, laugh, love, enjoy life.

On your mark, get set ….