The last four!

You’re back? Okay, but fair warning, the list of things in that article, reputed to cause ADHD, doesn’t get better.

Better than what? Maybe you need to read the whole story, it started here, last Monday.

It continued on in Wednesday’s post, and now, here’s the end of it.

And as I said …

… it doesn’t get better.

In truth, it gets worse. And as I mentioned on Wednesday, the real problem with the crap that is in articles like this is that they include obvious stuff that is valid and true, but then they draw conclusions that are false and speak in an authoritative voice that uses the validity of the known to present the fictitious as factual.

But enough

I can’t keep ranting. It’s upsetting me as much as recounting the drivel in the article I’m writing to repudiate.

And drivel it is. And as we’ve discussed items one through eight on that list, we will, of course, be starting with number nine:

  1. Moms Grocery List Is Dangerous. Oh come on!!! We went through this already. If food caused ADHD then more people would have ADHD.
    ADHD would show up in every economic strata and be running rampant through the human race. A freely admit that 10 to 15 percent is a pretty big number, but the number of people who eat food acquired by persons who shop poorly far exceeds those numbers.
    And what about the other eleven causes? If they’re all valid, than the incidents of ADHD would be more like 50 percent.
  2. The Kids Are Allowed To Play Video Games. Yes, that’s what they said. And it’s likely another case of confused causality.
    Listen, a person with ADHD has difficulty focusing, and it is a mistake to think that we enjoy having our minds tear from one thought to another. Things that cause perseverance (some people like to call it hyper-focus) are actually very relaxing for us. To have something like a video game hold our attention instead of us trying to stay focused is really a wonderful experience.
    But get it straight, ADHD causes a appreciation of video games, video games DO NOT CAUSE ADHD!
  3. Over-The-Counter Meds During Pregnancy. Yeah. Okay, there is certainly something to that. There are things you can buy over the counter that can kill you, I’m sure that you can acquire things that would arrest the fetal development of the brain. But the article goes on to say that, “Acetaminophen, once considered safe for pregnant women to take has now been linked to ADHD” and that is not true.
    The study that this statement is relying on was not cited, probably because that study did not establish a cause-and-effect relationship. I’m not saying that you should get pregnant and rush out and buy acetaminophen, but I am saying that blatant statements like this are misleading lies.
  4. The Kid Is A Couch Potato. Yep. That’s the big one. That’s the grand finale. Apparently, according to the article, “Physical activity has been proven to help lessen the effects of ADHD.” and so the deduction is that it will cure ADHD and make it like it was never there I guess.
    But wait, if lessening symptoms is the dame as “not causing ADHD” then kids with symptoms don’t yet have ADHD, so maybe we should just pretend it doesn’t exist and everything will be okay?
    Oh, wait, they’ve tried that. We still have ADHD.

So, that’s it. My week has been ruined, I hope I didn’t ruin yours.

And by the way …

I’m still friends with the person who sent me the link. She was sure I’d be as appalled by it as I was. And she wasn’t suggesting it was real.

And I guess I’m thankful she sent it to me. I’d rather know what my enemy is thinking.

And yes, anyone who spreads misinformation around like it’s fact is my enemy.