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12 Things That Don’t Cause ADHD, Part 2

The next four …!

So on Monday we discussed the first four things on a list in an article that claimed to be itemizing the causes of ADHD.

The list was actually titled “12 things Moms Do That Cause ADHD.”

I will not dignify the article with a link because it is misnamed. The correct title for this list should be “Pish-tosh Poppycock That Will Generate Hits For Advertisers.”

The first four items were premature birth, smoking, drinking, and poisoning the fetus. All valid things to avoid, none of them actually identified as the cause of ADHD. Listen, if in this day and age you don’t know that ADHD is heritable and that self-medication happens a lot and you think that because the two things happen that an immediate conclusion will be a valid one, then you’re lost.

But enough of me ranting on that, there are other things to rant on. Like the next four things in this list of twelve. Let’s proceed, shall we?

Items five through eight:

  1. The Baby is Born Into The Lower Class. Wait, what?
    Quick, mom-to-be, you’re pregnant, get yourself into the upper class, you have less than nine months to do it! This one actually suggested that if you’re in the lower socio-economic bracket, you should just not have children.
    News flash, the lower class life style doesn’t cause ADHD, ADHD causes the lower class lifestyle … and an increase in unplanned pregnancy.
  2. Is Mom Depressed? Ha. If she’s reading this list then, hell yeah. The article suggested that if Mom had a diagnosis of depression during the period starting one year prior to birth and going to nine years after, the child was more likely to have ADHD. So … don’t get diagnosed?
    The truth is that ADHD is sometimes misdiagnosed as depression, and sometimes it is a co-morbid condition with depression. What causes ADHD (say it with me) is ADHD. It’s heritable.
  3. Feeding The Kids Junk Food. Oh come on! In this day and age we aren’t sure anymore what food is junk and what isn’t. And a lot of the blame for that is on people who write articles like the one I questioning here. All it takes is for someone to suggest something is bad for them and a group of the newly minted “faithful” will agree and start evangelizing. Gluten comes to mind as one of those. And before you go thinking it’s possible, GLUTEN DOES NOT CAUSE ADHD.
    But on a more serious note, how is it possible in this day and age to believe that the kids with ADHD (10 to 15 percent of the population) were fed junk food, and the balance (85 to 90 percent of children) were not? If that many kids weren’t eating the stuff there would be no market for it. If that many children had a source of non-junk food and ate only that, it would be the more readily available food.
  4. Exposing The Baby To Harmful Toxins. I know, this one sounds like one we had on Monday. That was “poisoning the fetus.” Now the child is born and mom hasn’t learned her lesson apparently. One of the so called toxins listed that supposedly selfish mothers expose their children to was flooring.

This seems like a giant joke to anyone who knows how foolish this is, but there’s enough common sense peppered into the article in question to make it seem plausible to people who are willing to believe that ADHD is caused by something obvious.

More and more the real research is showing that genetics are at play here and heredity is our main determinant of whether or not a person will have ADHD. And still it is hit and miss.

Misguided faith does more damage

Faith in unsubstantiated declarations will do more damage to the population of this world than ADHD itself does. And ADHD does plenty.

I need to remain calm here, there are still four more “causes” to look at on Friday.

I have to say though, this week’s posts are beginning to make me ill.

12 Things That Don’t Cause ADHD, Part 2

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