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Archives for August, 2017


Pay Attention Now …

Squaring off against decision making.

ADHD is an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and is the latest moniker for what was not too long ago called ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder.

And I've said repeatedly that we do not have a deficit of attention, but rather a deficit of attention control.

Even people who seem to be in outer space are paying attention to something. Sorry that it isn't you or even...
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Risk, Reward, Anxiety, Consequence

Going forward ...

Despite the issues that are listed as symptoms of ADHD, there are other things we live with that are, perhaps secondary, but common enough to be referred to as aspects of the disorder.

The truth is that our symptoms are consistent enough in the population of people with ADHD that many negative aspects (and perhaps some positive ones) are commonly found in our lives.

So it isn't surprising that in certain...
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Wander Man!

Not your average super hero ...

Hello people of earth. That's right, it's me, Man of DistrAction!

That's my super hero name. I get away with a lot because of that. People who know me don't expect me to always be focused on the right thing, but they know that when I am, I'll do a good job of whatever I'm doing ...

... until I get distracted and they have...
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Paradoxically Speaking

Or we could ...

I've mentioned this more than once, but something I just read has made me aware of it again.

ADD should actually stand for Attention Dichotomy Disorder ... we'll just drop the "H" for now, 'kay?

What am I talking about? Well, nearly every aspect of ADHD, almost every symptom we have, has mitigating circumstances.
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Long Road Home

... just keep going

Life is, for most people, a long road.

And there's always going to be rough parts to it, I'm aware of that.

But if you have ADHD, the very nature of this disorder makes the rough parts even rougher.

And no one likes a rough road, at least no one likes it to be rough constantly.
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12 Things That Don’t Cause ADHD, Part 2

The next four ...!

So on Monday we discussed the first four things on a list in an article that claimed to be itemizing the causes of ADHD.

The list was actually titled "12 things Moms Do That Cause ADHD."

I will not dignify the article with a link because it is misnamed. The correct title for this list should be "Pish-tosh Poppycock That Will Generate Hits For Advertisers."

The first four...
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