Pay Attention Now …

ADHD is an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and is the latest moniker for what was not too long ago called ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder.

And I’ve said repeatedly that we do not have a deficit of attention,


Wander Man!

Hello people of earth. That’s right, it’s me, Man of DistrAction!

That’s my super hero name. I get away with a lot because of that. People who know me don’t expect me to always be focused on the right thing,


Paradoxically Speaking

I’ve mentioned this more than once, but something I just read has made me aware of it again.

ADD should actually stand for Attention Dichotomy Disorder … we’ll just drop the “H”


Long Road Home

Life is, for most people, a long road.

And there’s always going to be rough parts to it, I’m aware of that.

But if you have ADHD,