Talk to me!!!!!!


I don’t know what causes it, but there are times when you just don’t speak my language.

The oddest thing is that I recognize the words you’re saying. I can even accept without doubt that they go together.

But what do they mean? I don’t know.

Speed kills — comprehension

It’s almost like you’re speaking a language I’ve learned, but you’re speaking it at a speed I cannot possible comprehend. And yet you’re not talking that fast.

And oddly enough, often when you are talking and I’m understanding you, you aren’t talking fast enough for me and I end up having to finish your sentences for you.

I know, right?

It makes no sense. And yet, this inability to comprehend? That’s the thing that’s going on when I say to you, “Could you say that again, only in different words?”

Yes, I’m aware of how funny that sounds. You already said it in the simplest form you could manage.

I need a boost

No, I don’t know why my brain isn’t running. I tried to put it in gear, but … nothing.

So yeah, when you tell me what you said in different words, I’m hoping that I’ll get a spark of comprehension to connect what you said before with what you’re saying now.

And the fun part is …

… that that’s exactly what will happen. You’ll say what you were trying to tell me in different words, and not only will something click in my stalled brain, but I will understand what you were saying in a flash.

And not just understand. I’ll get it so much clearer than I would have if I’d been able to figure out what you’d said the first time.


Oh hellz yes! Wicked embarrassing. There are the words I couldn’t get, and they are clearly in the same language I speak. And I cannot explain why I could not understand.

And I can’t accuse you of speaking in tongues, I remember the words you said clearly. The thing that saves me from huge embarrassment is that it has happened so often that I’m accustomed to it now.

And also

There is also the fact that I’ve done this before to you. And you, bless your heart, maybe don’t understand but you accept that this happens. And the fact that you still want to tell me things means a lot to me. And even though we both know that there will come a point, many points, when we go through all this again, you make me feel like that will be okay.

So, that makes you one of those people. One of the people who get and accept that ADHD is not so much a disability, it’s a disorder. And you get that people with ADHD are people first. And you get that many of us are going to be worth the effort of acquaintance.

You’re one of those people that, despite signs to the contrary, is clearly, and conscientiously … speaking my language. Thank you for that.