You Relax Your Way

I understand what relaxation is. It actually means several things.

People without ADHD probably find the most likely definition of “relax” to be “To relieve from tension or strain.”


Take The Day Off

So it’s Wednesday, and the week is only half over.

And it’s true that I work at so many different jobs that it’s impossible for me to take an entire day off.


Lean On Me

I’m not the strongest person I know, but I’m as strong as I need to be if you need me to be there for you.

You see, I’ve had times when I could have used a friend to lean on.


On Tenter Hooks

Have you heard that turn of phrase before? It turns out that the original reference is to the stretching of woolen fabric after it has been cleaned and washed to remove dirt and oils from the original farm production of wool.


Still Moving Forward

There was a time that the development of my brain would have been referred to as having been “retarded.”

The word simply meant that some of the development occurred slower than was considered normal,


We Learn

If nothing else learn this

We learn how to do this, this thing called ADHD. We learn because we repeat things, mistakes, and coping skills. We learn because we have no choice.


The ADHD Flight Plan

So yesterday, I took you on a trip up a ladder onto the roof of an old log cabin with a twelve year old me. My father and my eleven year old brother and I were tearing the shingles off the roof as the beginning of deconstructing the log cabin in order to move it.


Is It Friday Yet?

You know when you’re driving to the cottage, or grandma’s place, or the water park, and the kids all start asking, “Are we there yet?”

Well, that’s how it feels sometimes for me in the middle of the week.