This looks like a job for ...

Are we there yet?

As a general rule, I would advise all people to consider their plans before putting them into action.

And that doesn’t mean just outlining them in their minds and then pushing the “go” button. It means going over those plans and considering what could go wrong, what might have been overlooked, where could things change in an unexpected way?

I give great advice, don’t I?


I do, it’s true. But I don’t necessarily always heed my own advice. Or maybe I just don’t waste good advice on myself.

The problems with this general situation, for someone with ADHD, are many.

“Are we there yet?”

One of the things we deal with is our need for instant gratification. Like children who get into the car to go someplace, we want to be there right now!

So once a plan has been created for consideration, our consideration is usually limited to “How cool would that be to do that?” And if the answer is “Waaaay cool!” then we’ve given it about all the consideration we have time for.

… and it’s a lot like paperwork

Too true. Pondering all the potential problems is a lot like filling out forms. I know you just shuddered there, I did too. Paperwork is like fingernails on chalkboards sometimes, am I right?

And anyway, how do you know when you’ve exhausted all the possible points of potential weakness in your plan? Where do you draw the line? Why can’t you just get into the little red wagon, strap the rocket to your back, light the fuse and go rescue the puppy?

Also, I often have valid reasons to act with haste

That’s a truism right there.

If I’m debating myself over whether a plan is good or not, the part of me that just wants to do the thing will righteously point out every time, that the longer I wait and debate the pros and cons, the closer the train is getting to the beautiful woman tied to the railway tracks.

Also … it will be fun

Oh Hellz Yeah! It will be loads of fun and when I’m a hero and it’s all done and over with, then I can ponder what might have gone wrong.

Besides, things have gone wrong before and I’ve always survived. And in fact, every time things have gone wrong, people have gotten more used to the fact that this is how I am and this is what they need to expect from me.

And the world didn’t end …

That’s right. The world didn’t end. And maybe that’s my super power. Maybe what I’m supposed to do is take a leap of faith and show the world that no matter what has happened before, I’m ready to try these schemes again and again.

Maybe I’m supposed to show the world that you have to have heart.

And in the end, one good success is the thing that I will remember. All those failures? They were just living. This one success? That’s real live hero-ing.