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Overwhelming Procrastination Confusion

venn of overwhelm
I … yeah, me.

I’ve got a lot of things to do today. And I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the list.

When I look at it, there’s nothing on it really that is too big to handle. And none of the things on that list are needing to be done to appease laws or rules.

I mean, it’s not like I bothered to put my taxes on there. No, this is a list of things I could get done today.

And yet, there’s stuff on here that I’ve put off and let go long enough that it has grown as a daunting task well beyond the reality it actually owns.

The fear of the almighty laundry!

Ha. Well, the truth is I’m pretty caught up on the laundry, except for a bit of my own and the linens. But it is on the list, and because it goes into the machine and I then have to remember to switch it around (why aren’t there any instant laundry machines?), I have a justified concern that I will forget to cause the manual progressions to happen.

My concern is justified by having forgotten in the past. Yuck, stale, wet laundry.

I can’t take dishing it out

That’s right, I can take it, but I can’t do the dishes. In fairness, I’m baching it this weekend, so the dishes have kind of piled up. It’s true that I do the dishes, well, most of the time. It is my job. But since she’s away, I’m not so concerned about them getting stacked dirty on the sideboard.

But she’s coming home tonight. And while I know she’d just shrug her shoulders and tell me it’s okay, I would rather be the guy who got them all done today, rather than leaving them to do in the morning. I’d rather she didn’t see them like this.

Don’t need dishes anyway …

Ha, true. The only thing dishes are good for is eating off of, and since I haven’t done the grocery shopping yet, well, no need for clean dishes, right?

But I am going to do the shopping. I said I would and I meant it. So if I do the shopping, that just means I have to do the dishes too. But to regress to an earlier part of this post, I’m now wondering if I should change out the kitchen linens before or after I do the dishes. Should they be clean or can I get the laundry started sooner.

Bedlam ensues

And that reminds me that it’s time to change the sheets also. And I think that needs to be done before the laundry is started. But is there some advantage to changing the bed before doing the dishes? And should I get the groceries now or after?

And if I get the groceries, I’ll have to put them away. Do I do that while I’m doing the dishes or after? I mean, I’m sure to miss dishes if I have the kitchen cluttered up with groceries, right?

This is living?

And I also wanted to clean up the living room before the weekend was over. And cook for tonight and get lunch ready for tomorrow when we’re back to work.

If I cook after I clean up the kitchen then I’m going to have to clean up the kitchen again.

I swear I can’t tell the difference between confusion and procrastination. They’re both pretty overwhelming if you ask me.

Overwhelming Procrastination Confusion

Kelly Babcock

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