front porch, computer

Do not disturb …

So, I love this time of year. The summer isn’t here yet, but the summer weather has certainly begun. And we’re getting ourselves into the summer swing of things.

We’ve set goals to go paddling at least once a week on local bays and rivers, we’re making a valiant effort to have a small and scattered urban garden, and we’re planning waterfront adventures at beaches near and nearish.

And we’re looking at looking after all the summery things that need our attention, lawn mowing and window washing and the like.

And I’ve moved my office

Well, that’s a little misleading, my office is still upstairs. I should say “our” office is still upstairs, since we both have desks there and both of us use the space on occasion.

But the truth is that I do most of my writing in my recliner in the living room. Most of my winter writing that is.

A recliner is my office?

Yeah. Well, sort of. This all started a few years ago when I did some real damage to my back. I could sit at my desk, but after a half hour or so I’d be in pain. Lower back and upper leg pain mostly, if you’re interested.

So then I’d have to get up and walk it off. But when work was done, I’d sit in my recliner and relax, and my back wouldn’t lock up.

And then …

I realized after a while that I was not having to get up and walk around when I was in the recliner, so I brought my computer out to the living room and worked with it on my lap. (Good thing it wasn’t one of those big tower things, eh?)

And when my back seemed to start recovering in earnest, I figured out the office chair was not so good for me.

What about paying attention?

Well yes, that was a concern for me. But it turns out, with my computer in my lap, and the editing window open, the thing that’s right in front of me often has my attention.

And since I write about ADHD, a subject I’m both familiar with and interested in. I have no trouble keeping my mind on my work. Well, I get distracted sometimes, but I usually find my way back to the editing page.

And now, several years later, I’m still writing in my recliner. My back’s much better, thanks for asking, but why take a chance on it getting bad again?

But wait, I said “winter writing??”

Ah yes, that’s true. I did say my winter writing. So Summer is coming, and while I still write in my recliner all year long, I’m as likely in the summer months to be out on the front porch in some sort of outdoor chair.

And yes, it’s easier to be distracted outdoors (not sure why that is, but it is), but if my writing takes me a little longer, well, I’m in a nice place for that. Right?

So, while I’m on the front porch, I might be spending my days in more of an ADHD daze, but I’m still getting things done. And this post is one more thing crossed off my to-do list.