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Archives for June, 2017


Creation As Symptom

Develop creativity?

So on Wednesday we looked at the possibility that creativity is learned behavior and how having ADHD might make us more likely to learn that behavior.

But what if it actually is a potential symptom? How would that work?

And is there a possibility that that might be true?
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The other symptom

Symptom? Maybe ...

One of the "unsung" symptoms of ADHD is creativity.

Yeah, I know, there are "Professionals" who will say there is no documented proof that that is true.

But I offer this little treatise of logic as possible proof of, at the very least, of the possibility of the efficacy of this postulation.

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Sometimes You’re The Bug


There's an old saying, made famous by the band, Dire Straights, that tells us basically that we don't get to choose a lot of what happens in our lives. Sometimes you're the windshield, and sometimes you're the bug. SPLAT!

And that's true. We can sometimes see the future, but we can't always do things about it even if we can tell what is about to happen.

And many things just happen seemingly so spontaneously...
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Life In The Fast Lane

Let's go!

I've been going pretty fast these days. And I'm kind of pleased with myself about that.

I've been recognizing my ADHD moods even though I've been immersed in busyness.

See, I sometimes recognize those moods only after they've passed. And I think that happens only when I'm trying to go slow.
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The Problem With Working Ahead

Hard to get ahead ...

Working ahead is okay, in the broad view of things.

I mean, it's a really nice feeling to know that, not only are you caught up, but you're actually ahead of schedule.

And feeling good about ourselves is a welcome change from the usual self deprecation and criticism we employ as self talk through much of our lives.

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A Hard Habit To Break

Habits, some are bad ...

We are creatures of habit. I mean humans, not just people with ADHD.

But we, the people with ADHD are maybe more creatures of habit than everyone else.

Some of us even believe that we have a touch of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, so strong are our habits.

So why is that?
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Adult ADHD

Two To Three Times More Likely

... care that the other 42% don't care either.

Have you ever noticed that our English language can be misleading? It's actually big business being a writer with the skill to quote things that are patently true in ways that present patently false perceptions.

I came across this quote in a news article, "Males are two to three times more likely than females to be diagnosed with ADHD."

I'll just let you ponder that statement...
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Do I have ADHD? Or is it Stimulant Addiction?

You're saying, "What about the attention stuff? What about the distraction stuff?"

Well, yeah, what about that stuff? It's true that those are the biggest problems I have in my world. But what causes them?

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Front Porch Daze

Do not disturb ...

So, I love this time of year. The summer isn't here yet, but the summer weather has certainly begun. And we're getting ourselves into the summer swing of things.

We've set goals to go paddling at least once a week on local bays and rivers, we're making a valiant effort to have a small and scattered urban garden, and we're planning waterfront adventures at beaches near and nearish.

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Adult ADHD

Why I Self-Medicated

Self-medication in a glass

To begin with, I had nothing to compare my mind to, having never been in any other mind. We, any one of us, neuro-typical, or having ADHD, or Autism, or OCD, or Down Syndrome, or any one of a million different perceived differences, only know what it is like to be inside our own heads.

But as we grow, and as we interact with others, they say and do things...
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