Do it!

Listen, my local power generation corporation, Bruce Power, is up to something. And it has to do with mental health. It really does. I swear!

I mean, I have issues with nuclear power generation. For starters, everyone is quibbling about them burying coveralls and booties in a deep geological repository near the shore of Lake Huron, and no one is asking the tough questions, like … “Where are the spent fuel rods???”

But there’s something else. And I’m not afraid to bring it up.

Let’s hear it then …

Bruce power is in the midst of a clever plot to make you be happy with them yet again. And it involves bribery, with real money.

All you have to do is share their graphic on the old Facebook, and they’ll donate a dollar to local mental health initiatives.

Cheeky, right?

You know it. And that’s not the whole story. Additionally, if you tweet the hashtag #BreakTheSilence, they will donate another dollar to those same mental health initiatives.

That’s two dollars right there and you didn’t even have to leave the comfort of your social networking.

How does this help you?

Well, if you don’t live in South Western Ontario, it doesn’t really. Unless you’re the kind of person who gets a bit of a lift from helping others.

You know, a little surge of that feeling of wellbeing for having done something good? Yeah, that. Well, it turns out that also helps you, helps with your own mental health. You can’t really beat that, can you? No.

Someone has to pay …

Well, yes. I do. Every time I pay my electric bill, some of that money goes to Bruce Power. We get no say in that, unless we go off the grid, we’re obligated.

But this is a chance for me to say what some of that money gets spent on. And I personally like that mental health is becoming a real focus.

So I’m asking you to help me, please?

I know that most of you don’t live in Canada with me. I know most of you live in the good old U.S.A. I also know that some of you live on other continents, in other countries altogether. That’s okay. Just go to the Twitter and share that hashtag, #BreakTheSilence and remember that you’re helping ME spend MY money. I mean, I don’t even know what they’re charging me so much for, all my lights are LEDs. Enough alrerady.

And while you’re at it, when you tweet that hashtag or share that image of theirs, go ahead, ask them the big question … “Where are those spent fuel rods, eh?” Tell them I told you to ask.

I promise, they won’t be offended, they welcome dialogue, they love conversation. And hey, they’re helping out a very important segment of our community. Mine. So … DO IT!!!