game plan

Who needs a coach?

You know how it is, right? The game is close. You’re watching your team struggle. And you’re sure that you could turn the thing around if only the coach would play you.

And that’s absolutely nothing like having an ADHD coach!

I mean, you’re not a team, and you’re never on the bench, you’re always in the game. So you can’t be begging your coach to put you in.

So why would you need a coach?

There are sports that aren’t played by teams as such. In fact, there are sports that are played by teams but each individual gets to perform alone.

Consider team swimming. They have coaches. And in the non team category? How about cycling? Diving? Fencing? Golf? Pick any solo sport.

But how does it work?

Have you ever watched someone struggle with something? Maybe while you watched, you thought, “As soon as they do that one thing that one way, they’ll have some success.”

But as you watched, you realized they were too close to the situation to see what was needed. If you stepped in and told them what you’d observed, you were a coach.

Has anyone done that for you?

If you’ve had the benefit of someone telling you what they’ve observed then you’ve been coached.

That isn’t the same as someone telling you to just focus, or stop getting distracted, over and over and over again. That’s a different specialty.

Yes it is

That’s called nagging, requires no observational skills and is usually performed by someone trying hard to avoid paying attention to their own failures.

Coaches can observe, and see what is needed, and tell you their observations in a non-patronizing way. Some people are naturally gifted that way.

Better yet

Some people are certified as life coaches. And some of them specialize in ADHD. And that is a good thing.

The ones that specialize often are people who have an intimate knowledge of ADHD. And that intimacy sometimes comes from them having ADHD.

But best of all …

Best of all would be a trained coach, who specializes in ADHD, who knows it intimately from direct association or actually having the disorder, who is also a natural coach in that they observe, see what is needed, and communicate encouragingly and non-patronizingly.

Or, you could just stand up where ever you are, whenever you get frustrated with your ADHD, and yell at the top of your lungs, “Put me in, Coach?” There’s a reasonable expectation that you’ll get some kind of help if you do that.