I had a dark side …

No, sorry, this has nothing to do with StarWars™, this is about the dark side of my life.

And no, it isn’t about my current life. Currently, I’m doing really well.

This is about what my life was like before.

This is about being a younger me, with no knowledge of ADHD, and no executive function that was comparable to the executive functions enjoyed by my peers. And the podcast part? Read on …

It’s about hitting bottom

It is. It’s about hitting bottom and dragging along there for a few years.

But it’s also about finding ways to rise back up. And it’s about the long, slow ascent, and about the sudden steep climb that occurred when I was diagnosed.

And it’s about talking about it

A few months ago I was approached by Jennie Friedman and asked to come on her web radio show to create a podcast. She just wanted to talk to me, because she reads and likes this blog.

I’ve not gotten famous enough that I say no to people wanting to talk to me, so i said “Hmmmm, let me think abouYES!”

And then …

After we did a couple of those shows, I got the idea that I wasn’t doing anyone any favours by telling them they could just be better and do better.

I was sure I wasn’t helping anyone who had hit bottom and was convinced that getting on top of things was too hard a climb and probably not worth the effort, if it would just be more of the same issues and strife but in thinner air.

So what did we do?

Jennie and I started a conversation that resulted in this new podcast called “The Darker Side Of ADHD.”

And I’d like for you to listen to it. That’s why I put that link at the bottom of this post.

A caveat or two …

Now listen up here. I’ve been arrested, but never actually in a jail cell. I’ve done stupid things in my life, but I lived. I’ve been addicted to alcohol, but I’ve never done hard drugs.

I might not be the best example of how low you can fall and still recover, especially if you’ve done worse things than I have. But when you’re alone, and the noise in your head won’t go away no matter how much you drink but you’re damned well gonna try to make it go this time …

It’s still a hard life

When you have no where to turn, it doesn’t matter how bad the things you’re doing are, you’ve hit the very bottom.

So like I say in the podcast, “Come back.”

You’ve gone the wrong way

Come back here and we’ll start over again. The way to go is up. You don’t deserve to be on the bottom, trust me. You deserve better.

The Darker Side Of ADHD” with Jennie Friedman, and me.