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Archives for March, 2017


Seeking Support for ADHD

Formal or informal?

ADHD support is pretty important, if you have ADHD. Even if you don't know you have ADHD, that support is important.

I'm talking about the kind of support I received as a child and youth, and even on into my teens and adult life, from my family. I didn't know I had ADHD, they didn't either, in fact, we had no idea what ADHD was, weren't even aware that such...
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Adult ADHD

ADHD, No Two Alike

You and me ...

I write a lot about what it is like to have ADHD. And I get a lot of feedback about how appreciative others are to find out that they aren't alone in many things.

I like that. It always makes me happy when I've made someone feel less alone. And those are their words, not mine, they feel less alone because they thought they were the only one...
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ADHD, Anger, and Emotional Regulation

Calling triple "A"?

I was once told that I had anger management issues. I was told this by a friend I respected. But I didn't respect her as a psychologist. Fortunately, she isn't a psychologist.

I know I can get emotional, and what sounds like anger really is anger, but it's anger at situations. And yes, people can cause situations so it seems like I am angry at the people involved.

And I'm sorry if...
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ADHD Running in Smoke Rings

All smoke, no mirrors ...

If you have ADHD and you smoke, you're self medicating.

When I was younger, I smoked. I smoked from the age of twelve, to the age of 36. When I turned 48 and had been smoke free for twelve years, I was able to say the same thing I could have said at the age of 24, that I had smoked for half of my life.

Not really an accomplishment...
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ADHD – Diagnose This!

... or more ...

People with ADHD are everywhere. We make up ten percent or more of the population. Think about that, if you're on an elevator with ten people, there's a good chance that one of them (or more) has ADHD.

If you're on a bus with thirty other people, three of them or more could have ADHD. Actually, given that we are accident prone, risk taking drivers, the odds of there being...
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ADHD? Try This …

Evening fix ...

I got nothing if you're looking for a cure to ADHD. That's because the only foreseeable cure is a brain transplant and that isn't available yet and if it ever does come about you'd end up being, you know, not you?

No, when I said "Try this." in the title up there, I meant that I know a thing or two about dealing with some of...
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Impulse Engines On

I couldn't help it ...

Why is there so much debate over the existence of ADHD?

I don't know the answer to that. I don't know what is at stake for those who insist that it does not exist. I can't figure that out.

I understand why debate is possible. There is so much ambiguity in just defining the disorder. Additionally, there is a great deal of uncertainty around the diagnosis. This leads to some...
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What Do You Know About ADHD?

What? ... Who?

What do you know about ADHD that you didn't know before? What do you think you know about it? What can I tell you about it that you might want to know first hand from someone with this disorder?

Let's start with this one fact: YES, DAMMIT!, IT EXISTS.

Sorry, didn't mean to shout. Well, actually, I did mean to shout. I'm really just sorry that I feel I have to.

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ADHD and Can’t Make Coffee

How long has that been sitting there?

Ha. That's just not true. Of course I can make coffee. I make great coffee.

And my coffee goes great with donuts that I get from the grocery store in the next little town up the coast from here.

Or, I could bake some banana bread. I make great banana bread. I also make a really good lemon - poppy seed loaf. And there's a few other things...
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ADHD Porridge Brain

This is my brain on ADHD ...

There are two things that impact on my brain at the same time. Two opposing forces, if you will.

One of them is the driving urge to be doing something all the time. I love being busy.

And that is not a bad thing. Being busy is good. I get lots done.

But the other thing that impacts on my brain is this, I hate being ...
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