The hoard …

A hoard is a collection of valuable artifacts, usually found by archaeologists. Guess what I found in my house while I was moving?

Not a hoard. Well, not in the strictest sense of the word.

I found a collection of artifacts that have value to me. Though quite a few of them I’ve already tossed out, way more than half of them are in the house I’m now living in. And if you read yesterday’s post, you know that I have to sort through all of that now.

Let’s sort …

So the problem is that a person with ADHD has trouble sorting things. Especially the sorting of things, some of which need to be thrown out.

As an example, pretend that you have ten large boxes, two feet by two feet by three feet high. And pretend that those boxes are filled with things that have no less random an association than that they all belong to you. Open the first box and take the first item out.

What is it?

Again, use your imagination. It’s something you had as a child or something your late mother gave you.It’s in your hand and you’re looking it over. Your mind is finding all the familiar and subtle things about that object that made you put it in the drawer of on the shelf instead of throwing it out.

And there’s another thing, you never did throw it out, you must have been attached to it for some reason. And who could blame you, look at it.

So? Throw it out? Or …

Yeah, no, you can’t throw it out. If you meant to throw it out it would be long gone. But what can you do with it. You could make room for it on a shelf in the living room. Or in the china cabinet. You could hang it in your closet and promise yourself you’ll wear it the next time you go out to dinner. You could frame it and hang it, put it on the book shelf, set it up in your office for visitors to admire.

So you finally figure out how to dispose of it without disposing of it. Yay! You did it. That deserves a bit of a celebration. I know, maybe find a place for the thing you displaced in order to show off the thing from the box. I mean, it must be important, right? It was already on display. What do we do with it?

The shelf in the closet?

Well, of course. Just put it on that shelf in the closet. And swap it with the thing out of the box every now and then. Keep people guessing. This is going to be good.

In fact. you could make a game out of trying to drive people crazy. “What? You remember a thing being there instead of an item? No, I can’t say that there was every anything other than the thing there, and item you  say? That’s funny …”

Problem solved!

And there you have it, all it took was some time and a bit of creative thinking. And you didn’t even need to get rid of it.

Now ….. on to the next item in the box. And the next, and the next. Then on to the next box.

And be thankful you’re not me … what I wouldn’t do to have only ten boxes to sort through.