contemplating addiction

Odd that we can be addicted to so many things, but forget to take our meds, eh?

I’m not saying that addiction is the sole domain of ADHD. I’m not saying that you have to have ADHD to have an addiction. I’m not even saying that there is a higher rate of addiction among people with ADHD.

I’m saying I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a higher rate of addiction among people with ADHD.

There are, after all, higher rates of some rather interesting things among us. Why not addiction?

Why not, indeed?

We tend to be more likely to be found in jail. Now I’m not an expert on anything as far as I am aware, but it does seem to me that in jail you’re going to be immersed in a social setting that would actually allow more exposure to addictive substances.

They say that certain so called “soft” drugs are gateway drugs to the harder ones. Well, being acquainted with people who deal in those substances, hard or soft, would be like being at the edge of the field that the gateway leads to.

Add this …

Whose the adventurous ones? Come on, tell me. Who do you think they are? What? Did you say “We are!!!” well, you get a gold star. That’s right. We’re the daredevils. We take the chances. We leap before we look, climb before we think about where we’re climbing to, we take the risk, the gamble.

And drugs are really a gamble, right? I mean, who doesn’t want to be the one that can reap the benefits of escaping these wild minds of ours but also be the one who is strong enough to say, “I’ve had enough for now, thank you.”

And then there’s that self-medication thingy

Wait! What? We self medicate? Well, of course we do. Each and every one of us do. We drink too much whether it’s alcohol or coffee, we smoke too much even if it is just cigarettes (and let’s be truthful, it isn’t always cigarettes), we often exercise too much and drive too fast just for the adrenaline and other self created chemicals.

We seek thrills. Some of us are addicted to sex to the extreme. Sometimes it’s so bad we are unable to remain faithful.


Yeah, I know, I don’t want to hear any more either. It’s a pretty bleak sounding situation, isn’t it.

And I’m bringing it up because I spent fourteen hours in front of the TV on the weekend watching just one show. And I realized that I could easily fall into the habit of doing that every weekend.


Yeah, that’s not really too harmful in and of itself, but that’s a lot of wasted time that could be put to better use. And giving in to that just means that the next potentially addictive thing that comes along might be that much easier to give in to also.

So before I slip down that slope, I’m making myself aware that, once again, my addictive personality has been activated, and I need to rein it in.

I need to stick to my current addictions of coffee and writing and music and love to keep my mind in a state of euphoria.

Let’s all wish each other good luck on this.