ADHD And Dim Sum

Yesterday I had dim sum. It was amazing. And it was exactly what I wanted at the time, or any time.

I let the people I was with do all the ordering,


Walk A Mile In My Shoes

There are some things I like about my mind. Actually, if I’m being truthful, there are many things I like, and even love, about my mind.

I like that it is clear and sharp in some ways,


Context Is King

Here’s one of the big things that helps hide ADHD from diagnosis, context.

You’ll sometimes hear logic used to defend against the diagnosis of ADHD that sounds like,


A sticky situation

In Ontario, Canada, we get license plates to put on our vehicles. The plate represents the relationship between the vehicle and its owner. A new vehicle or a new owner require a new set of plates.


ADHD Oblivion

There is a state of mind, or perhaps a partial state of mind, that I sometimes, or possibly always am in, that keeps me unaware of many things around me.


The Real Gift Of ADHD

So, some idiot is spouting off about how he doesn’t believe in ADHD. Sadly, he is a psychologist who is either misled or misquoted.

And of course the hundreds of thousands of other mental health professionals who disagree with him will not be quoted because that isn’t attention grabbing enough to be published.


The ADD In ADDiction

I’m not saying that addiction is the sole domain of ADHD. I’m not saying that you have to have ADHD to have an addiction. I’m not even saying that there is a higher rate of addiction among people with ADHD.


Recurrent Focus

I know it all sounds very “New Age” and “mind over matter” and the like, but I’m going to suggest this anyway. And those of you who have been following along will realize that this is a recurring theme that I put forward on many occasions.