… and don’t I need to buy butter?

Being distracted is easy. Well, it’s easy for me. The trick to being good at being distracted is to just let your mind go and be in the zone.

And if you’re a natural at it, it’s a really wonderful ride. It’s like being the best at a sport or activity that you really love.

Of course I don’t love being distracted when it turns out that I should have been focused on something specific and important. Well, I don’t like that I was distracted when I realize it. But in truth, at the time, I did actually love being distracted. Because not realizing I was supposed to be concentrating on something else is what distraction is.

In the zone …

So distraction is bad? And being in the distraction zone is not where I should be? Well … that’s not completely true.

Being in that zone where my mind rolls from one shiny thought to the next is actually very relaxing and restful. It’s like the weekend of brain functions. It’s my minds R&R. I find it very peaceful.


Well, it is. It’s like falling from the top of a hundred story building, it isn’t the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden and traumatic stop at the end. And the view on the way down is really likely to be great.

When I’m distracted, or perhaps we should call it “thinking freestyle,” I’m not, as I said, aware of my mental resources being needed elsewhere. It’s that sudden realization, the landing after the fall if you will, that is the “traumatic” and damaging part.


Yes, damaging. It’s the thing that augments the stress in my life. And as stated many times before, stress augments symptoms. And as you are aware, I’m sure, being distracted is a symptom of ADHD. And we’re back in the never ending circle.

So being distracted may be restful for me, but the rest is barely enough to allow me to get through the stress of realizing I was distracted. So that turns out to be a wash. One balances the other.

And yet …

Every now and then, a time comes along when I can just relax and let my mind find it’s own level of distraction. I let it wander off, secure in the knowledge that it cannot bring me to harm. I’m neither needed nor wanted for any particular reason and my time is my own to do with as I please.

And when that happens, that’s exactly where you’ll find me. Physically wandering around doing little that is effective, and mentally bouncing from one thought to another.

Happy holidays?

This time of year isn’t likely to yield as many opportunities for that sort of relaxation, but when it does happen, consider letting your mind go out for a walk on its own. When it comes back, you’ll maybe be pleased with how refreshed it feels and is.