The gift …

Well, we’re down to the wire now, aren’t we?

I mean, if you’re a Christian, or if you aren’t but celebrate Christmas, it’s just four days from now.

If you’re Pagan, then you’re looking at today as your big day, Saturnalia, or Yule. If you’re Pagan and ADHD you’re in the middle of the tornado now.

If you have ADHD, and you’re in the habit of holidaying at all, you’re quite possibly in need of some kind of intervention right about now.

So here’s a bit of advice for you

Let yourself go … in moderation.

There are people who claim that ADHD is a gift. If you check the fine print though, you’ll discover that there is no returns, no substitutes. And apparently you can’t re-gift it, except to your children, and then they only get a copy, you have to keep the original.

That might suck if …

If what? If ADHD were a bad thing? Well, it is. Mostly it is. The main parts of it are are distraction, distraction, and distraction. A reasonably valid argument can be made that suggests that every symptom of ADHD is rooted in distraction. In fact ADD should stand for All the Distraction Disorder.

So what parts of ADHD are a gift that one might be able to appreciate during this season of gifting?

I’m glad you asked …

There is the fact that our rapidly rampant running minds have often found solutions and inspiration in thoughts that others have not had time to think. That’s a start right there. It can’t always be counted on, but it is often present. (see what I did there? Present? Clever, eh?)

Another “gift” that ADHD gives us is that we can be the entertainers and the fun parts of many parties and gatherings. We have few inhibitions that are natural, ours or mostly learned and often easily abandoned. And again, that quick-mindedness means we are rarely at a loss for something to say, and it is often irreverent and funny and maybe borderline inappropriate but since we’re the entertainer, we get away with that sometimes.

Is that all there is?

Let’s see, fast thinking, inspired, problem solving, entertaining …. yeah, that’s pretty much it. Well, except for the big thing.

But it actually isn’t that big on the surface. It just turns out to be big in hindsight.


It’s that empathy thing. And particularly empathy for our own people. But empathy for everyone, when we’re not feeling depressed about our symptoms ruining the holidays.

When we are relaxed, not fretting about the things that didn’t get done, not beating ourselves up for forgetting important things while “taking care of” the unimportant stuff, we can be amazingly supportive friends and family members.

Seems like nothing?

Well, it isn’t. It’s something. Something great. It’s kind of like oxygen. You never think about oxygen, until you can’t breathe, then you realize how important it is.

So I’m begging you, for your sake, put down the burden of worry and self scorn. Desist with the self-flagellation, take a huge deep breath, and look around you and see what you can do now.

What’s done is done …

And what isn’t done is done also. That is to say, it’s too late, it’s over. Do what you can now and do it for those around you and for yourself. We are actually very good at “pitching in.” We’re the kings and queens of spontaneity. Let us, you and I, use that regal attribute to save our holidays this year.

And start now. Today. This minute. You know … if you’re not too busy to.