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Archives for December, 2016


The Last Post (of 2016)

Moving on ...

So, Friday, December the thirtieth. Tomorrow is the last day of the year, and since it's Saturday, there's no post for this blog. This is it. Another year done.

And I feel good about that. It's not an anniversary of the first post, so it isn't like a certain number of years on this date that I've been writing this blog, that anniversary actually drifted by without fanfare. I didn't even...
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Always Late For Something

A song in the air ...

A few years ago I wrote what would turn out to be one of my favorite songs. It was called Chickadee and it was about a friend who had ADHD.

She became "Not my friend" before I finished writing the song, but the song, in my humble opinion, was too nice a thing to visit the bitterness that that hurt brought me, so I finished writing it by...
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ADHD After-Christmas-math

Merry Christmas

So how did that go for you? Christmas, I mean. I wasn't referring to doing your taxes when I said "aftermath."

I'll tell you how it went for me if you like. Well, I'll tell you whether you like it or not, but I'll understand if you don't bother to read it. You've got other things on your mind I bet.

What? Still here? Well, read on then ...

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Peace On Earth

Happy Holidays

If you're a Christian or a celebrant of Christmas traditions, it's almost here.

And if you have ADHD, then the good news is that it's almost over.

Well, the good news is that it's almost here and it's almost over also.

If you are like me, you love this season because of the memories, because of family and friends and acceptance and love and traditions that are wonderful and heartwarming. and at the...
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The Greatest ADHD Gift

The gift ...

Well, we're down to the wire now, aren't we?

I mean, if you're a Christian, or if you aren't but celebrate Christmas, it's just four days from now.

If you're Pagan, then you're looking at today as your big day, Saturnalia, or Yule. If you're Pagan and ADHD you're in the middle of the tornado now.

If you have ADHD, and you're in the habit of holidaying at all, you're quite possibly in...
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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like ADHD Christmas

Yep. Just like the Grinch found out

I tell you, every year around this time, I start seeing where I've made my mistakes. Every year around this time I start understanding how I've gotten myself into another mess. And every year around this time, I swear I won't let it happen again next year.

And I usually don't. Well, that is to say, I don't let it happen the SAME way. It just always seems to happen.

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The Up Side Of Distraction

... and don't I need to buy butter?

Being distracted is easy. Well, it's easy for me. The trick to being good at being distracted is to just let your mind go and be in the zone.

And if you're a natural at it, it's a really wonderful ride. It's like being the best at a sport or activity that you really love.

Of course I don't love being distracted when it turns out that...
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Get It Done

Getting it done

Today, if you're reading this when it's fresh, is December the 14th. There are ten days left 'til Christmas Eve. And that title up there is a bit misleading.

I'm not trying to tell you to get busy. You're doing that to yourself already, aren't you?

You're fretting and stewing about what you've agreed to do and how much of it there is actually still time to get done.

You're worrying about...
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ADHD … Stand Back

Gift yourself

I know I have ADHD. And I also know that it affects me in many ways.

I know that ADHD is behind many of my short comings. I know that there are some things that happen in my brain because of it, and many more things that don't happen because of it.

And I can often trace the cause of many things in my life to my ADHD. And that's great, to know...
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Thinking Inside The Box

Come on, get in

I'm moving. I've sold the house. I've got less than a month to be out. And yes ... I have to pack.

It's not so easy, it turns out. You'd think it would just be a case of packing it all as you find it, taking it to where you're going, and then unpacking.

Not the case. So not the case at all.

For starters, I'm downsizing. That was the plan right...
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