Count on this in life at least …

There are few things you can count on in this life. It was once said and is often quoted that the only two “are death and taxes.”

Being the kind of person who is always looking for flaws in absolute statements, I was fond of replying that one might escape the later if one availed themselves of the former early enough in life.

But the dawn’s light got me thinking this morning about things I could count on. And, of course, my deadline got me thinking about my ADHD.

Count on ADHD?

Well, yes. I can count on my ADHD. Let me tell you about that.

I can count on my ADHD to be incurable. I can count on it to be intrusive and annoying. I can count on it to help me get in trouble. I can count on it to help me forget not just some of the bad things I need to remember, but some of the good things I need to remember as well.

Sounds bad …

Well, parts of it are. But then there are parts that aren’t maybe quite so bad. I can also count on my ADHD mind to be fast and flighty, which is fertile ground for inspiration to grow.

I can also count on finding dozens of random connections between seemingly unconnected things and, thanks to impulsive behaviour, I can sometimes find myself acting on those connections and discovering interesting results.

So is it good or bad?

It’s neither. Or rather, it’s both. I can’t count on it being helpful when I need a break from the overwhelm of this ADHD life, but then again, I can’t say it will always invariably be a problem either. All I Can say is that it will never be dull, though it might get old.

And the other thing I can say is that I wouldn’t sacrifice this mind of mine just to relieve it of those impulses and those distractions.

What’s that like?

Imagine your mind is like a playground full of interesting playground equipment, and you need to get to the other side. But in order to open the gate on that other side, you have to have engaged with every piece of equipment in that playground.

Now imagine that each piece of equipment has several activities that could be engaged in, but only one of them is the one that needs to be done, and it might be the dullest and the more exciting ones are always more tempting.

Now add to this that you aren’t sure if there is any real reason to get to the other side of the playground and out through the gate, but it seems like a possibility that that might be a good thing to do. But you’re also not sure if you need to be through that gate in a timely manner or if you might actually be penalized for being early.

Sounds like a dream world …

Well, actually, it sounds a bit nightmarish to me, but that’s what it’s like inside my head.

But, I can count on it …

Yep, death, taxes, and ADHD