Man of Distraction

Wait, I know him …

ADHD speaks? Ha, it’s more like I never shut up, right?

But then, in fairness, I’ve done a lot of research, and I have the advantage of being on the inside looking out.

And it’s true that I don’t have the formal education I maybe should have to speak with such authority on this subject.

But I am not unlearned. I’ve read a lot of work on this subject.

And …

And I’ve lived for 57 years with ADHD so I have experience, rather more experience than I wish I had.

So when I write, it isn’t like I have no experience, education or opinions on which to draw.

Writing is a black box

But it’s true that when I write you hear what I want to tell you. You don’t really get to ask me questions other than in comments. And since the comments were moved to sub-pages, it doesn’t feel like a conversation any more.

And I’ve often regretted that lack of “conversation,” knowing that I couldn’t anticipate everything anyone might want to ask me.

So what would the solution be?

The solution, of course, would be to have a conversation with you, one on one. The mechanics of that seem a little difficult, and I’m not getting younger so I don’t know if there’s enough time for that either.

But there is an alternative that might stand in. What if someone without ADHD who is familiar enough with it to ask reasonable questions were to do just that?

What if … ?

What if they were to record the session and make it available on their own page as part of their pod cast resource?

And what if I were to provide you with a link to that?

Well … maybe …

Okay, I’m sure you’d need to hear it first in order to decide if that was okay. So we’ll just leave that subject for now until such a resource is online.

Oh, wait, such a resource totally is available online. Allow me to introduce ADHD Coach Jennie Friedman and her podcast interview of me at See In ADHD.

And now I’ll just let me speak for me …