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Archives for September, 2016


Tired Of ADHD

... to the store

Lately I've been a little bit tired. And I can't really say why, to be quite honest. I don't mean I'm not at liberty to tell you why, I just mean I can't think why I'm feeling this way.

I do know that since I've kind of retired, I'm really busy. But I'm damned if I can remember what all I've done.

And I blame this whole thing totally and completely...
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Talk Much?

Go with your strength?

Okay, I admit it. I can be a bit verbose, chatty, long winded. I'm Garrulous. Rambling. Wordy. You know, I tend to talk too much.

I'm reassured, though, by the fact that I never stay on one subject long enough to bore anyone.

At least I don't think I bore anyone. I've never been told I do. I've never really been told much of anything, once I get talking. That's why...
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Hyperactive Meets Motion Sickness

Perpetual motion sickness ...

There are people who debate the existence of hyper-focus. There are those who say it isn't focus if you can't control it.

The term comes from being focused on something to the exclusion of all else, whether there are more important things that need ones attention. So, since it is about being focused on, and unable to withdraw that focus, I'm okay with the term hyper-focus, so long as it...
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Out Of Touch

Don't label me

It is not untrue that most of the symptoms of ADHD are, for the most part, normal conditions associated with everyday life. They are the annoying things that happen, more often in the mind, that make one feel incapable, incompetent, or possibly foolish every now and then.

The problem for ADHD is that these symptoms occur with such frequency and are often such spectacular examples that they have an ongoing...
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All Or Nothing ADHD

... and no in between.

In so many ways, ADHD is the disorder of "All or Nothing!"

When we are on the ball and focused, we do it all. All the things we need to do get done.

And that's a good thing? Right? Well, except for when we give people the impression that that is our standard operating procedure, our

But when we go off the tracks with rampant symptom experiences we...
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ADHD Speaks!

Wait, I know him ...

ADHD speaks? Ha, it's more like I never shut up, right?

But then, in fairness, I've done a lot of research, and I have the advantage of being on the inside looking out.

And it's true that I don't have the formal education I maybe should have to speak with such authority on this subject.

But I am not unlearned. I've read a lot of work on this subject.
And ...
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ADHD, The Word Of The Day


I am a writer. Among other things, I write two blogs. I also contribute to another group blog on a regular basis. That amounts to an average of somewhere between ten and eleven posts a week.

And I write other things that I've mentioned so often here I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about them.

And I think I might have mentioned that I don't really get anything that...
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ADHD – Define Day Off

... except when I can

I have no idea what a “day off” actually is. I just realized that.

Yes, I've had days off from jobs I've held. It's true. And I always looked forward to them.

And now that I work mostly for myself, and especially now that I'm winding that work down, I've been declaring that this day or that one is a day off.

But I really haven't got...
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