ADHD On Holidays

I’ve been giving some thought to what an ADHD holiday might look like exactly. And surprisingly, I don’t really know what that might be.

I thought about extreme sports things.


ADHD Get Off The Bus

So you’re looking for work? Well, a lot of us do that. We change jobs frequently.

It seems that some jobs look like they’re going to be the next great thing in our lives and then they turn out to be just the next thing we’re looking to change.


ADHD Symptoms: Not What They Seem

A while ago, a friend of mine whom we’ll call Bob was telling an anecdote about working some years earlier as an apple picker. It seems that when the pickers got thirsty they had a bucket of water and a ladle.


Adulting And ADHD

I’m an adult with ADHD. They refer to my ADHD as Adult ADHD. It’s the same ADHD I had as a child, but once I reached the age of consent or majority or whatever you might want to refer to it as,


ADHD Games

The Olympics have just ended. Did you watch them? Maybe you were one of the ones who attended? Maybe you even participated, some athletes have ADHD.

I find the concept to be amazing.


Can’t Fake ADHD

Have you heard that old encouraging adage, “fake it ’til you make it?” That’s where you pretend you know what you’re doing and hope to learn as you go.

It involves two things,


Decisions, Decisions

I got decision making skills. I’m good at it. I make snap decisions and long drawn out decisions, I can ponder over things for ever and end up making no decision until it’s too late.


ADHD Brain Code

Do you code? Do you write computer programs? Apps for phones or tablets? Do you work with hypertext or Java or any of the other information display languages?

If you do,


Two Groups

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who divide the worlds population into groups, and those who don’t.

Obviously, I am in the first group.


ADHD Coming Down

Ability to focus or not, I can work on things.

But I don’t want to talk about focus today. Nor do I want to talk about hyperfocus, or whether it exists,