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Archives for July, 2016


ADHD Tees Off

Par for the ADHD course

Did you know I golf? Yep I do. And you know what? I'm not bad at it.

Okay, that was a lie, I do play golf, but I'm bad at it. But the thing is, I don't care that I'm bad at it.

And the deeper truth is that I'm not the worst at it. I've played with people worse at golf than I am.

And I've learned...
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Resolve Or Resign

Bouncing ...

ADHD sucks. Yeah, yeah, Ferrari engine with Raleigh brakes, thinking outside the box, creativity, all that stuff.

But there's also heart on your sleeve, and the risk of opening your mouth, forgetting to make appointments,  forgetting that you did make appointments, and standing in the doorway for the hundredth time this morning asking yourself, “What was it I wanted in here?”

ADHD is not fun. You can know so much,...
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Raindrops keep fallin' on my ...

You can't not know what rain is. Even if you live in one of the drier parts of the world, you've heard of rain. Everyone else has seen it.

We've prayed for it or cursed it. It's saved lawns and gardens and crops or canceled games and concerts, ruined weddings, flooded rivers and washed houses away.

It gives life to all things, and sometimes talks it away....
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Stressing Family ADHD

... will get to you

ADHD is tenacious. When someone with ADHD is stressed, their ADHD responds by getting worse.

Worse still, is the problem that occurs in families with ADHD when the ADHD of one family member causes stress for another with ADHD.

And this can be in any relationship, parent child, child parent, siblings, it doesn't matter. ADHD does not care to whom you are related or how.
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All Or Nothing

Intention Deficit Disorder

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, possibly the worst name going for this particular issue.

The only word that is accurate is disorder. Hyperactivity comes a close second, or would do if in fact everyone with ADHD were hyperactive.

But the real craw sticking thing for me is that “Attention Deficit” part.

I have no deficit of attention. I pay attention all day, every day. I am nothing but attention....
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Three Ways To Work

On time, ahead of time, and ...

I live a life of ADHD and I do it rather well I think. I spent a lot of my life not knowing about ADHD and as such, I was certainly unaware that I had it.

Then along came the old diagnosis after a half century, and now I spend my days observing things I could have seen all my life but had no frame...
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Cure ADHD? That’s Brilliant!

Rather rank

There are those who postulate that people with ADHD are just not trying hard enough, that we're lazy.

There are those who suggest that we aren't very bright, that we're stupid.

I've recently read memes that offer the solution of corporal punishment to “cure” ADHD in children.

I suppose the idea is that if the inattentiveness can be beaten out of them they'll just be stupid and that will be acceptable. After...
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ADHD Work-Around


I do a lot of things to fill my time. I'm not bragging, I really do a lot of different things.

Granted, a lot of them have to do with writing, but not all of them.

And some of them have to do with computers, but not all of them.

And the truth is that I still have to do the odd job as a contractor. But not so much anymore. I'm weening...
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Step In Or Step Back

The two step program ...

Having ADHD has proven itself to be more than a tad challenging I have to admit. Being aware of the issues that my symptoms cause has also made me aware of the way life might have been for me without those issues.

The truth is that on a good day when I've had adequate sleep, everything I can think of is caught up, and nothing goes amiss,...
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I Heard It In A Song

... just sayin'!

There is always music playing in my head. There are times when, if I try to tune in to it I can't hear it, but other times if I let my mind be still for a moment, there it is.

I used to think that maybe one of my tooth fillings was acting as a radio receiver that was so low powered that I could only...
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