Let It Go

I’ve mentioned, maybe, that I’m getting my home ready to sell. You know, let subtle hints drop, maybe once … or twice.

Well, you can’t blame me for dwelling on it.


ADHD, Lead Or Follow

So, you know someone with ADHD. You’ve actually become involved with them. They’re a friend. Maybe a good friend. Maybe this could become a relationship.

But the ADHD thing has you a little worried.


Interrupt Me … Please!

One of the words that we associate with ADHD is inappropriate. Sometimes the things we do and the things we say are exactly that. And that’s a shame, because it makes us judge ourselves,


ADHD Back On Medication

I’m serious. I’m thinking about this. I’m thinking this is something I could do that would be positive.

And yes, I mean back on medication. Yes, I’ve been on medication.


Where ADHD Belongs

I don’t feel as out of place now as I used to. It’s true that before my diagnosis I used to just assume that the feeling of not really belonging was something everyone had,


ADHD, What It’s Like

Having ADHD is like being normal, ’cause for me, it is normal. I’ve never been any other way. To me, people without ADHD are the oddballs. No offense, but from where I sit,


What Causes ADHD?

We’ve been through this before. ADHD is caused by a slowing down in the development of certain parts of the brain. This “slowing down” in development means that the individual takes longer to develop fully.


ADHD Has No Choice?

If you don’t have ADHD, then you may not know these things. But that’s okay, I’m going to tell you, then you will know.

You may think that ADHD is being absent minded.


Where Is My Head At?

Sometimes things go wrong with computers on the internet. Sometimes it’s a problem with the computer and sometimes it’s a problem with the internet service.

We call problems with the computer,