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Archives for May, 2016


Life Expectancy And ADHD

And we're easily distracted ...

I have no statistics on ADHD and life expectancy. I have no idea if there are actuary tables on ADHD, but there should be.

You see, there are studies that suggest we end up in the emergency room more often than the statistically defined average person, and there is one strange statistic floating around out there that says we are more likely to die from...
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Mental Health Issues That ADHD Mimics

ADHD hiding ...

There is a vast array of mental health issues, a spectrum of disorders, and many of them share at least some symptoms.

Why is that? Well, we're dealing with the brain, a complex engine, far more complex than, say, a car engine. And yet we can draw a parallel just to give an example easily enough.

If you turn the ignition on in your car and nothing happens,...
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Seeing Back Through ADHD


I used to think I was unlucky. Thought that had to be why things went wrong. The truth is that ADHD is a wicked life master at times.

As a youth, I was pretty agile. I was also pretty athletic. Go figure, a hyper-active guy who was athletic. It was, no doubt, due to my hyper-activity that I was in such good shape.

As a teenager, for instance, it was nothing...
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The ADHD of Politics

Exercise your franchise

So, America, you have an election coming up do you? I'm just up here in Canada watching. I have no opinions to pass on.

Well, let's be clear, I have opinions, I just have none about your candidates, none I care to pass on that is. It's not my place to tell you how I think about candidates I can't vote for, not my place to suggest...
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Relentless ADHD

Drip, drip, drip ...

It has come to my attention that there is a persistent idea that ADHD is not a valid mental health issue.

It's perceived kind of like the new father's mixed up son from a previous marriage that stay's mostly with his mother but every now and then you have to put up with him visiting.

Or like those e-bikes out on the street that aren't cars or trucks, but...
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Random Thoughts of ADHD

That's thought provoking ...

I've been thinking about ADHD lately. Not all the time, just now and then. And not like on a schedule or like half an hour a day or two hours a week. I just think about it when it comes up.

And I have to say, that it's annoying as hell. It's almost as annoying as the random questions, “What did I come in here for?” and, “What...
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ADHD And Media Misrepresentation

Well, there's got to be a place for fiction ...

A friend named John wrote to me recently complaining of a so called news story by HuffPost Science.

Damn! I liked them. They seemed to be mostly on the ball. Well, until they started spouting anti-vax rhetoric and then ... well, read on.

Sadly, a lot of news organizations have jumped on the old “ADHD May Not Be Real” band wagon.

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ADHD And Dental Details

I have one of those .... somewhere

I just had a dental appointment. Apparently I should be receiving a medal for that.

And yet, it was no big deal. I made the appointment, I put it in my calendar, my phone reminded me, my dentist's office reminded me, I got there with nearly four minutes to spare. It was all very laid back, very calm and uneventful.

So why...
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ADHD Impostor

Not really ...

So, there's this thing called Impostor Syndrome ( Imposter Syndrome, Impostor Phenomenon or Fraud Syndrome). And while it is not an actual disorder or mental health disease, it has been documented and addressed as an issue by mental health professionals.

It was first documented by Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes as an issue that many high-achieving women tended to have. It seems they believed they were not...
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A Little ADHD Story

My mother, before the stress of me got to her ...

I just got in from telling stories. I write stories as I remember them from my youth and childhood. And tonight, I had been invited back to the church of my childhood to tell a couple of those stories I've written about my past as they were about that very...
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