Life Expectancy And ADHD

I have no statistics on ADHD and life expectancy. I have no idea if there are actuary tables on ADHD, but there should be.

You see, there are studies that suggest we end up in the emergency room more often than the statistically defined average person,


Relentless ADHD

It has come to my attention that there is a persistent idea that ADHD is not a valid mental health issue.

It’s perceived kind of like the new father’s mixed up son from a previous marriage that stay’s mostly with his mother but every now and then you have to put up with him visiting.


ADHD Impostor

So, there’s this thing called Impostor Syndrome (A.K.A. Imposter Syndrome, Impostor Phenomenon or Fraud Syndrome). And while it is not an actual disorder or mental health disease, it has been documented and addressed as an issue by mental health professionals.


A Little ADHD Story

I just got in from telling stories. I write stories as I remember them from my youth and childhood. And tonight, I had been invited back to the church of my childhood to tell a couple of those stories I’ve written about my past as they were about that very town to which I had been invited.