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Archives for April, 2016


The Trouble With ADHD

... maybe not

So I may be in trouble. I'm not sure. The truth is that I may have missed an appointment. Or, I might have been supposed to do something, for someone, maybe ... I don't know.

I have a friend who moved. That friend used to live in another friends home. The other friend still gets mail for the friend who moved and when that happens, I...
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Relating To ADHD

... and ADHD

When someone enters into a relationship, they bring all their baggage. When someone with ADHD enters into a relationship, it's no different.

Well, it's no different in that they bring all their baggage. How it differs is that once unpacked, you find out that was just the stuff they brought in their car. There's still the moving van.

“What's in the van?” you ask? Well, that's all the little quirks...
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Sick And Tired And ADHD

There ain't no cure ...

I am very sick, and very tired. I mean really sick. I've got a bug, a cold, whatever. My head Is as thick as ... well, it's really plugged, I mean really really plugged.

And tired? Yes, I'm tired. Fighting this kind of thing isn't easy on a person. They tire you out. I'm yawning and drifting off, and I'm not actually wearing myself...
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What ADHD Needs

... and ...

The oddest thing about ADHD is that every day is a new day.

I mean, I'm constantly believing that I've figured my life out, only to find myself starting from scratch the next day.

Why is that? I don't know.

What I have learned is that friends make a great difference. And attitude makes a great difference. And friends and attitude combined make a great difference.
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How ADHD Stole My Day

I'm a "Glasses half broken" Kind of guy.

I had a day today. Yes, I have a day every day, but you have to put the right emphasis on the words. Maybe if I embellish it a little, how's this? Man, did I ever have a day today!!!

I started out with the wrong glasses. That's because yesterday I broke my glasses while trying to clean them. So I dug...
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ADHD, Online and On Point

Working with this ...

I have discovered something. Something about working online. It's not good. I've also discovered that it's not bad.

Yep, it's another ADHD dichotomy. A paradox of ADHD making. And I'm not sure how to score this one.

I work online. I work online a lot. And I spend a lot of time being distracted. Not much of a surprise really. The internet is a vast place of...
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ADHD Overwhelmed!

That's just mad!

Have you had a busy afternoon lately? Or maybe a busy day? What about a busy week? Have you had one of them ever?

Not me. I don't have busy afternoons. I don't have busy days or weeks. I don't even have busy months or years.

I have a busy life. I have a busy, busy, busy life. I know this because I can't keep up with other people even...
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ADHD – Indecisions, Indecisions

Maybe ...

I know I talked about decision making on Monday. Or rather, I talked about not making decisions. Perhaps Monday's blog post should have been called “Indecisions, Indecisions?” Oh well, too late now.

Today I'm going to talk about decisions I sometimes make that I thought were wise. Before I knew I had ADHD I would often think of myself as a free spirit and a decisive being. I've since become...
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ADHD – Decisions, Decisions

I could do this ...

Making decisions is hard work. I mean, I'm pretty decisive, it just takes a long while to work up to that decisive moment.

Well, to tell the truth, sometimes I make snap decisions with less determination involved than if I'd flipped a coin. I'll say the first thing that comes into my head as if I'd been thinking about this very decision for days...
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ADHD – A Different Life

I used to feel left out ...

Let's examine a few facts. Current statistics tell us that somewhere around ten percent of the population is affected by ADHD. We know that there is a still larger segment of the population that does not fall into the category of neuro-typical. And I'm not going to attempt to guess what that percentage is.

Now I'm okay with the...
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