Relating To ADHD

When someone enters into a relationship, they bring all their baggage. When someone with ADHD enters into a relationship, it’s no different.

Well, it’s no different in that they bring all their baggage.


Sick And Tired And ADHD

I am very sick, and very tired. I mean really sick. I’ve got a bug, a cold, whatever. My head Is as thick as … well, it’s really plugged, I mean really really plugged.


What ADHD Needs

The oddest thing about ADHD is that every day is a new day.

I mean, I’m constantly believing that I’ve figured my life out, only to find myself starting from scratch the next day.


ADHD, Online and On Point

I have discovered something. Something about working online. It’s not good. I’ve also discovered that it’s not bad.

Yep, it’s another ADHD dichotomy. A paradox of ADHD making.


ADHD Overwhelmed!

Have you had a busy afternoon lately? Or maybe a busy day? What about a busy week? Have you had one of them ever?

Not me. I don’t have busy afternoons.


ADHD – A Different Life

Let’s examine a few facts. Current statistics tell us that somewhere around ten percent of the population is affected by ADHD. We know that there is a still larger segment of the population that does not fall into the category of neuro-typical.