We Are Good People, With ADHD

I know, we aren’t all good. Some of us are jerks. I might be one of those, how does one tell?

Anyway, the thing is that we are no worse then the worst of the rest of the population and no better then the best of the rest of them.


ADHD, I Got This

I do. I have ADHD. It isn’t something you catch, so don’t worry, I’m not contagious. On the other hand, if you already have it but are oblivious, close proximity to me might cause you to catch on.


Why Am I Such A Smart Ass

I can’t deny it. It’s true. But the truth is that I think I could be worse. The number of times I hesitate and don’t say the thing that leaps into my mind is actually rather high.


ADHD, Making It Work

I didn’t get inspired today. That happens. That’s why it’s ten o’clock at night and I’m sitting here just starting to write now.

But of course I do have something to write about.