Writing Is Right For Me And My ADHD

I may have mentioned that I’m a writer. Well, I suppose it might be obvious by the fact that I’m writing this, or maybe not. Maybe you’re reading these first few words and saying “Who let that guy write?”

But it’s true,


ADHD, Misdiagnose This!

You know that old joke? Well, there’s a few of them, and they start out like this, “There are two types of people in the world … ”

There are two types of people in the world,


ADHD Snap!

Guess what? I make snap decisions. And I’m not talking about whether to go with the fries or the baked potato, though that would be a time when my decision making style would be put to use.


Spanking Doesn’t Cure ADHD

Here’s a big surprise for some folks. There’s no cure for ADHD.

It’s entirely possible that those who believe that ADHD can be cured are being confused by some misunderstanding that is easy enough to come by.


ADHD, Wicked Humor and Poor Judgment

What’s a boy to do? I have a witty and rapid mind. I often find the funny where others don’t suspect there is any. And then I reveal it.

I’m told that I say inappropriate things because my executive function was sourced at the Good Will in the discount aisle.


ADHD, Fatal Or Not?

I was reading a post I’d been led to by social media, and I came across a reference to ADHD being a medical diagnosis. The writer of the reference compared being diagnosed with ADHD to being diagnosed with Diabetes.


Love, ADHD Style

It’s Valentine’s Day. Not for you though. For you, through the magic of delayed blog posts, Valentine’s day is already over. Did you survive?

Well, I guess you must have if you’re reading this.


ADHD, ALL Or Nothing

It’s 7:30 PM on a Thursday night. I’m at a meeting. It’s a group that I enjoy. And we have a project on the go.

I won’t bore you with the details of the project,


ADHD In Shadow And Light

There can be a lot of differences in lives with ADHD depending on where the light shines in them, and where the shadows fall. Acceptance or denial can mean so much in the long run.