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Happy Belated Birthday

Too late for cake?
Too late for cake?

Today is Friday, January 15th, 2016. That’s not really an important date. I mean, sure, it’s someone’s birthday, maybe even yours. If so, Happy birthday.

But are birthdays really what you’d call important? It’s nice when people take the time to celebrate the fact that you are here, in the world, part of their community or family, but they could have just done that any day.

I suppose it is convenient to use the anniversary of ones birth to celebrate a person. We wouldn’t want to do it too often, or for that matter too little when you think about it.

When I was a child, in my family, there wasn’t always a lot of resources available for gift expenditures. But my mother was pretty clever. The one thing that a person could count on for their birthday was getting to decide on the supper menu. We had to eat anyway, and usually mom decided what she would serve us, but for one day of the year we got to decide what we got to eat.

Where’s all this going?

In case you haven’t guessed, my birthday has just gone by. It was on Wednesday, January the 13th. No, no, don’t apologize, I should have told you.

The truth is that it kind of sneaks up on me. I don’t mean that I didn’t know it was coming, or that I didn’t know what day of the month it was. It’s just that on Tuesday, when I was writing my blog post for Wednesday, there was no more awareness of my birthday in my mind then there was awareness of my left big toenail.

(Did you just stop to see if you could feel your left big toenail like I did?)

Back on track …

So on my birthday, after my blog post went live, I was having a pretty good time. I received over a 150 well wishes on Facebook, ’cause the Facebook never forgets to tell people if you say it’s okay.

Then a few people met me for coffee and drinks through the day. That was pretty sweet. And then I had a lovely meal of my own choosing and a cake from a recipe that came from my mothers recipe box that I asked for.

Sounds pretty good eh?

And then someone said, “Yep, the worst thing about your birthday is having to renew the sticker on your license plate.” (something that we in Ontario, Canada have to do).

And that’s when I remembered that my license plate sticker had officially expired and the license bureau was closed.

On the 14th, when I got my sticker, the lady behind the counter said “Happy belated birthday.” And smiled at me. And I realized that I’ve heard that all too many times when getting my license plate sticker renewed.

Happy belated birthday to me.

Happy Belated Birthday

Kelly Babcock

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