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Archives for January, 2016


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Yep, ya got a dirty rotor there ...

ADHD is a disorder that affects the decision making abilities of millions of people.

It doesn't always make us make the wrong decisions, though sometimes that happens. It doesn't always make us stress out over decision making situations, though that happens lots too.

And it doesn't always freeze our minds in a state that leaves us unable to...
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Get Me Through My ADHD Day

Just takin' ten ...

When my day is all about one thing, when I have just one job to do, when there's nothing around to distract me ... I get sluggish.

Nothing can take my mind from sharp, bright and quick to dull, dark, and struggling like being stuck doing just one thing for an over extended period of time.

But the good thing is that, for me, the cause...
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Myth Information Can Be Dangerous

I stole this from the internet

You see that meme there? I stole it. Well, to be honest, it has no copyright on it. Maybe it did where it was posted originally. Maybe there was something in the comments. I don't care.

Why don't I care? Because I'm doing the person who created this meme a favour by not including their copyright. I'm not telling the world...
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ADHD? That’s A No Brainer

ADHD! ... maybe?
“I wouldn't let them diagnose my son with ADHD. He's way too smart to have that.”
I've heard variations of this. And I did not lose my cool, did not get angry, didn't even blink.

It's true that in rapid succession, thoughts went racing through my brain. Sad thoughts, nasty ones.

I wondered how people can manage to survive, being that narrow minded. But then again, narrow minded humans...
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My ADHD Super Power

This looks like a job for ...

So here's my question: Is it fair to use my ADHD powers for personal gain? Well, I suppose that to answer that question, I'd first have to ascertain what those powers would be, wouldn't I?

I mean, if I'm just deluded into thinking that I have powers of any sort that stem from my ADHD, when in fact I...
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You Think ADHD Is Funny?

I've forgotten the punch line

You and I know that there are a lot of inside jokes about ADHD that are funny. And if you're like me, you don't mind sharing them with people who don't have ADHD, so long as they are open minded people.

When narrow minded people use ADHD as the punchline of some joke or personal humorous anecdote I start having a problem.

And when...
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Happy Belated Birthday

Too late for cake?

Today is Friday, January 15th, 2016. That's not really an important date. I mean, sure, it's someone's birthday, maybe even yours. If so, Happy birthday.

But are birthdays really what you'd call important? It's nice when people take the time to celebrate the fact that you are here, in the world, part of their community or family, but they could have just done that any...
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Speaking With An ADHD Accent

I say tomato, and you say ...

Do people with ADHD have passion? Does it drive us at higher rates of speed? Is that what makes those of us who are hyper so very, very, very hyper indeed?

I say yes. And I say so even though I can't prove it clinically. I say that every time I screw something up, passion likely had something to...
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ADHD Without The “H”

Some of us go unnoticed

I'm not a calm person. In fact, I'm a bit bouncy. I'm about to turn 57 and I still get the urge to climb trees, fences, buildings, things.

In my town there are raised flowerbeds on the sidewalks of main street. They have stone walls with nice wide capstones on the tops of those walls. They're only raised 12 to 15 inches...
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I Never Calculated On Dyscalculia

numbers, am I right?

My big confession today is that I love math. I didn't do well learning the multiplication tables, and to tell the truth I still have to recalculate the addition of a single digit to many numbers. But mathematics I love.

You'd think that I would have been terribly frustrated, but what happened was really quite simple. I learned to make calculations very rapidly, so although I couldn't...
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