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How Do I Get Myself Into These Things?

Another job ...
Another job …

It’s Sunday night. Blog posts are kind of in a different time zone. I write them the night before they are published. I could write them a week in advance, or even a month in advance, but for two things.

The first, and biggest is that that would feel insincere to me. When I write about something to do with ADHD, especially if I’m wanting to share it with people, it seems like poor form to wait. You might not read it as soon as it is published, but that’s your choice. I only have control over availability, and when I write something I want it to be available to readers as soon as possible.

So the few times that I’ve written blog posts in advance, if I were going someplace where wifi wasn’t available for a few days or whatever reason, I felt bad about the posts that were there, scheduled, but not yet available.

So I write posts on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights and they get published Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

What’s the second reason?

The second reason is that I have trouble writing something that I don’t need to write right away. I actually have trouble doing most things that don’t need to be done right away. That’s procrastination. It’s why I’m writing this post so late on Sunday night.

Along with putting off writing this post ’til the last minute, I had also put off doing a little drywall job until today. I’m repairing my girlfriend’s dining room ceiling, I guess you could say I’ve been doing that job for four months or so now.

But now the holidays are approaching fast and, although I try to do as little as possible to celebrate, preferring to let the season just kind of wash over me and take me along, like a wave washing me off of the beach of monotony out into the sea of festivities. I guess you could say I’m waiting for the yule tide.

What does yule have to do with drywall?

Everything. No one wants their joists exposed for the holidays. And I realized this weekend, after spending Saturday doing some volunteer work, that the window of opportunity to get that ceiling drywalled was closing rather quickly as things started drifting on that yuletide and washing up on my calendar.

What? Too many metaphors? Sorry …

So this week I have to practice two songs for a quick radio gig that my musical duo is doing, practice a duet that I’m half of for the two nights that my choir is performing, do that radio gig, do those two nights of performances, build a small piece of wall in a basement, and write two more blog posts for this blog. I also have to write a post everyday for my daily blog here on Psych Central.

But today, before writing this, and before choir practice, I drywalled that ceiling. It still needs mud and tape and sanding and painting, but the joists are covered, the hole is gone.

And I’m realizing that the more important question is not “How do I get myself into these things?” But rather “How do I get myself out of these things?”

And how do I get myself out of them?

Very well, thank you. I just take them on one at a time. So today I drywalled a hole in a ceiling, had choir practice and wrote this blog post. And this is supposed to be a day off for me. Ha!

How Do I Get Myself Into These Things?

Kelly Babcock

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