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Archives for December, 2015

Adult ADHD

ADHD Performance Review

We've been watching you for a while now ...

“Well, now Mr. Babcock, come on in. Have a seat and we'll get right down to it, shall we?”

I haven't had to endure a performance review in years. I remember them though. They were never fun. But I always saw the point to them.

It's actually very useful to know what management is thinking and what they've...
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The Flavor Of ADHD?

Spicy enough for you?

I've heard it all, the age old debate, is it this or is it that?

Some people tell you ADHD is a curse. Are they right or are they wrong? Some say it's a gift. What about them? Are they right or wrong? Is there a right or wrong in all of this?

Some people have an opinion without having ADHD. Do they have any right to that?

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It Came Without Packages, Boxes Or Bags

Have a Grinchy day
How ADHD Stole Christmas!
You know I've written in rhyme before, and I've emulated the great Theodor Seuss Geisel. But the truth is, that I respect and adore him way to much to blatantly rip off his style again. ...

Okay, in truth, I'm sick, and tired. And there is no way of just dashing off something as challenging as a Dr. Seuss like bit of prose even...
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Adult ADHD

Fair Warning For People With ADHD

Sorry ...

To the Christians among you, and to those who celebrate Christmas, I have something to tell you. Today is Christmas eve day.

Okay, it isn't. unless you're reading this a day late. Christmas eve would be tomorrow. Today is actually Christmas eve eve day. I'm sorry I scared you like that. But really, you knew it was coming. It could have easily been today, because you lost track of the days,...
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ADHD Gifts That Work

Yes. A paper clock

People with ADHD are not hard to buy for. It's pretty easy to shop for us. If it glitters, lights up, does spontaneous things, or keeps us occupied we'll likely love it.

But that doesn't mean it was a good idea. My late wife knew that if she bought me a kit that could be made into something interesting, that I'd love it. But she also knew that...
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ADHD Brain Space Conundrum

This is my brain on meditation ...

There are a lot of seemingly conflicting aspects to ADHD that I've mentioned before.

Like how we can't focus on most things just because we should, yet we can focus on some things whether we should or shouldn't. You know, home work, report writing, calendar items vs. TV shows, video games, rain on the window, leaves that you're walking through, an...
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A Little Help From Yourself

What have you got pencilled in on your calendar?

Holidays are times of stress. Yes, there's joy and family and planned fun. But not for everyone.

And sometimes, along with the stress, there is pain. This is the time of year we miss the ones who are no longer with us. Whether they're still alive but gone their own ways, or whether they've run their race and...
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How Do I Get Myself Into These Things?

Another job ...

It's Sunday night. Blog posts are kind of in a different time zone. I write them the night before they are published. I could write them a week in advance, or even a month in advance, but for two things.

The first, and biggest is that that would feel insincere to me. When I write about something to do with ADHD, especially if I'm wanting to share it with...
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I Hope I Still Love Christmas … When I Grow Up

I love this stuff

Technically, when you have ADHD, there is a part of your brain that doesn't develop the same way that the rest of humanity's brains do.

The part is within the frontal lobe. The difference seems to be that said part doesn't develop completely.

The result is a detrimental effect on executive function. And the result of that effect is extensive.

Among the things that don't develop adequately in comparison...
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