It's what you don't see ...

It’s what you don’t see …

So it happened today that, while I was at work, things went in a different direction from what we had assumed they would go. What we thought was going to be a four to six hour job blew up into two days.

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I do a lot of odd jobs. And sometimes I work with another guy I refer to as the boss. He’s pretty smart, but don’t tell him I said that, okay?

So this was one of those jobs where we were working together. In fact, we had just finished another job together where we had to cut through some drywall and some old lathe and plaster to make repairs. And as luck would have it, we fell into the same kind of thing, but for different reasons.

Last weeks job was about water damage, this weeks job was to answer the question “Why is there no heat coming up through these vents?”

We found the reason

Actually, we found the reasons. The ducting on one vent was so convoluted and constricted that it restricted the airflow to a whisper. The ducting on the second vent went down through the wall and stopped, it hadn’t been connected to anything because it had been brought down from the top floor to the basement on top of a joist. And the third vent? It didn’t actually have any ducting at all. And no place to run any.

Now I have more jobs ahead of me besides this one. Jobs I’ve promised to do. But the people who hire me know that I get to jobs when I get to them. So while I don’t like being held back by a job, sometimes that’s exactly what happens.

I love to work, love to make things right, make them functional. But when something needs more attention than I thought it was going to need, what do I do about other jobs?

It’s like getting distracted … sort of

When things go wrong, I take it in stride and just move on. And that may be because I’m used to things not working out the way they were planned. People with ADHD have a poor sense of time and less than stellar time management skills.

But best of all, when this kind of thing happens, it’s not my fault. So I have the experience to deal with this sort of situation, and the freedom to do it without feeling guilty.

And the heat vents?

What are we doing with the heat vents that don’t work? We’re covering them over, and pulling wire up to the third floor and installing electric heat. There’s more than one right way to solve a problem. But it’s going to take more time than unclogging some vents would have taken.

We just thought outside the box. I may have taught the boss to do that. Or maybe he’s more like me than he cares to admit???