A Real ADHD Retreat, Sort Of?

So, on Monday I told you about my writers' retreat. I told you, in my own way, that everything you might think was going to be a problem for me was, in actuality, a benefit. And then I hinted, rather blatantly, that ...

Long Gone Ladder

"What do I need? I'll need my tools. The job was repainting fascia so, scraper, wire brush, paint brushes ..." sometimes getting out the door isn't enough.

That’s Not What ADHD Is!

Why I can't just say "That's outside the periphery of your current activity, Kelly, and therefore is of no interest to you." I don't know. But I can't. Nope, I have to stop and assess, consider, mull it over.

Is It Always ADHD?

People get distracted. All people get distracted. For some it’s more pronounced than it is for others.

Worse still, some people are literally obsessed with some things. Things they shouldn’t maybe be focused on because they neglect other things that turn out to be important.