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Archives for September, 2015


A Real ADHD Retreat, Sort Of?

Definitely part of any good retreat ...

So, on Monday I told you about my writers' retreat. I told you, in my own way, that everything you might think was going to be a problem for me was, in actuality, a benefit.

And then I hinted, rather blatantly, that this had given me an idea. And it certainly has done. I'm not sure it's a good one, but...
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What I needed Was An ADHD Retreat

The view from there ...

I spent much of my weekend at a writers' retreat, and it was great. Awful, but great.

First, let's cover the awful. It started on Friday evening, I got there Saturday around one-ish. Things to do, you know. I'm a busy guy. You have no idea …. oh, yeah, you probably do have some idea. Well then, you understand what I'm saying, right?

Also, there was...
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Long Gone Ladder

The next step, find my tools ...

Well, there's another thirty minutes of my life that I'll never get back. I went to load up for work yesterday. Of course I did the “Gettin' out the door” shuffle. Got my phone? Nope. Where is it? In the bedroom? Nope. But my shoes are here. Bathroom? There's my watch and glasses. Okay, let's roll.

Wait, where's my phone? Right,...
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That’s Not What ADHD Is!

That's not it ...

I'm a busy guy, and I have lots of energy most of the time. I use that energy to keep me moving and I move pretty fast sometimes. And sometimes I get so engrossed in what I'm doing that I keep going until I can't go any farther.
But that isn't what ADHD is
I've kind of gotten a handle on that now anyway. I seem to have...
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ADHD Goes Back To School

They're the same, but different

So there's this website called ADHD Kids Rock. It's a place where kids can read about Jeff Rasmussen's determination to succeed in the face of ADHD, and where they can also engage, discuss and learn about ADHD and how it affects their lives and the lives of others.

And while this is a blog about adult ADHD, the truths are that none of us...
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Is It Always ADHD?

It isn't ... unless it is

People get distracted. All people get distracted. For some it's more pronounced than it is for others.

Worse still, some people are literally obsessed with some things. Things they shouldn't maybe be focused on because they neglect other things that turn out to be important.

True, some people get distracted by something to the point of obsession, but they have, or make the opportunity...
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Indecision, Over Thinking, Confusion And ADHD

Sometimes, I. Just. Can't.

There are lots of times that I feel like I've been stopped dead in my tracks. Sometimes, leading up to that, I can see quite clearly the next step or steps I should take. Then something happens.

What happens? I don't know. Indecision, over thinking, confusion … maybe all of those things?

It's like I'm suddenly responsible for the outcome of everything, for the well being of the...
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ADHD Research And False Logic

You could fill several books with the lies that could be told!

Research into the cause or causes of ADHD and into the possibilities of managing, treating or even eradicating symptoms of ADHD is important work. And that research needs to continue.

There are, however, some important issues that need to be cleared up. Issues regarding the interpretation of information that is shared...
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