ADHD And Artistic Expression

Art belongs in the ADHD life. It is intrinsic to the distracted, eclectic and rapid life of people with ADHD. And even though some of us are intently devoted to work and callings that are not considered ...

Today I Love My ADHD

Today is not a special day. It’s just another day. I have lots of days that just aren’t special at all. They’re just days.

But every day of my life has two things in common that are rather special and that I’d like to talk about here.


I’m Mad About Having ADHD

I’ve been told that I have anger management issues, and I can’t even begin to tell you how ticked off that made me feel.

Apparently some people believe that those of us with ADHD get angry easier and more often than people without.


ADHD Life Goes On

Sometimes life seems overly complicated. Sometimes it is brought on by my own actions. And sometimes it just seems that life’s complications catch up to me.

Sometimes life isn’t complicated.


Doing The ADHD Thing

I’m designing a poster today. Actually, I’m shifting a couple of trailers around and designing a poster. Okay, I’m helping move some tables and chairs and shifting a couple of trailers around and designing a poster.


Stuck With ADHD.

Let me tell you a little story. I could start this story with the words “You all know that I have ADHD, right?” But I think I’ll just tell the story and you consider the impact of ADHD as you read it.


A Long Hard ADHD Week

I’ll tell you this much for free, I don’t mind hard work. In fact, I enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

But I do hate doing more than I should have had to do because of my ADHD.


Mental Health As A Crime

I am aware that there is a disconnect between the systems that determine guilt and punishment, and the systems that would be needed to remediate the failed aspects of a person’s makeup that allow criminal behavior.