How To Relax With ADHD

For people with ADHD, relaxing is something we just barely understand the idea of. And while we are aware of how it is supposed to work, few of us have truly experienced relaxation for more than a moment or two at a time.


You Want To Call Me Names?

You could call me quirky, and I'd agree. You could call me ingenious and I'd say “Thank you.” You could call me mad and I'd laugh … probably with an evil edge to it just to make you laugh along. But don't call me ADHD.

Advantage, ADHD Diagnosis

Today isn’t my best day. Today is Tuesday, July 21st. You’re reading this on Wednesday if you’re reading it fresh. Tuesday is my wedding anniversary. Or it would be if I weren’t a widower.


ADHD, Right In The Thick Of It

Seems like I write a lot about what it’s like to have ADHD. That’s partly because ADHD is what this blog is about. But it’s also because I’m often writing about my life on the fly and when I can.


Keeping Up With ADHD

People sometimes tell me they have trouble keeping up with me. Well, not so often anymore, since my body has gotten older on me. But still, some people think I get around a lot.


ADHD And Acceptance

[...] the way you treat yourself in public tells others how you expect to be treated. And the way you treat yourself in public will always be the result of how accepting you are of [...]