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Archives for July, 2015


Don’t Let Me Tell You I Can Multitask

... if you're able ...

Everyone multitasks. Or at least they believe they multitask. The truth is that they actually do little parts of multiple tasks in alternating sequence. Few people can actually do more than one thing at a time.

But that “parts of multiple tasks in alternating sequence” thing, that's pretty good. And if we're going to look at humankind's abilities and say that within those abilities...
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Things ADHD Has Taught Me

I've learned a thing or two ...

I had a great idea for a blog post today. It was so good I thought I'd never forget it. You're reading this instead.

But you know, for the most part, I write things down now. I have a note pad and a pen in my pocket at all times. And sometimes when it's time to write a post, all I...
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How To Relax With ADHD

Relaxation is not an easy thing for me either ...

For people with ADHD, relaxing is something we just barely understand the idea of. And while we are aware of how it is supposed to work, few of us have truly experienced relaxation for more than a moment or two at a time.

In fact, for some of us, the thought of sitting still and...
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You Want To Call Me Names?

The best label for me ...

I'm not ADHD. And ADHD isn't me.

I have ADHD, but that's not who I am. You can get to know me and never suspect that I have ADHD. Because again, that's really not who I am.

I can take a course in just about anything. I may do well, or I may struggle. Either way, it may be because of my ADHD, but...
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Advantage, ADHD Diagnosis

... if you're looking for an advantage.

Today isn't my best day. Today is Tuesday, July 21st. You're reading this on Wednesday if you're reading it fresh. Tuesday is my wedding anniversary. Or it would be if I weren't a widower.

And Wednesday? (Today for you.) Wednesday is the anniversary of my wife's passing. I'm writing this on Tuesday while knowing that it will be published on Wednesday...
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Slagging Mainstream Medicine Still Popular Passtime

Doesn't look like there's much help here ...

I'm always amazed by the success of negative advertising. If you can't present positive aspects of your own program, then pose questions that raise doubt about the competition.

This approach works often in politics, and I see it more and more in the health care industry.

In order to raise doubts, it seems the best thing is to ask questions...
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With ADHD There’s No “One Step At A Time?”

Not everything is done one step at a time

Have you ever tried to do something that requires several steps to be completed by doing it step by step? For me, it doesn't work.

If I can't do two or more steps at the same time, I'll often do other things in conjunction with the individual steps I'm performing.

Writing a blog is one of those linear...
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Keeping Up With ADHD

Flat out, yet madly off in all directions ...

People sometimes tell me they have trouble keeping up with me. Well, not so often anymore, since my body has gotten older on me. But still, some people think I get around a lot.

And to tell the truth, for various reasons I don't always tell people everything I do. Sometimes I forget things I did, sometimes...
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ADHD And Acceptance

I think I can accept that ...

One of the most needed commodities in the life of a person with ADHD, is acceptance. Many of us seem to crave positive social interaction.

Yet, when our social interactions take on a negative caste, many of us are understanding of that. It's as if we just believe that we don't deserve to have positive experiences. Or as if we were...
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