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Archives for June, 2015


ADHD And The Umbrella Manufacturing Industry

I'm often un-umbrella-ed

Quick, where's your umbrella? Front hall closet, maybe?

Nope,it's not there. That's where I would have guessed too, but we were both wrong. Maybe you left it in the car? I checked for mine in my truck behind the seats, but it wasn't there. You go look and see.

No, eh? Sorry, I thought you'd have been luckier than I was.

Where else could it be? Beside the back door? Did you...
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Too Important To Remember

Sometimes I have trouble remembering ...

Memory is a complicated system. It involves several parts of the brain. These parts are engaged in memory creation, storage, and recall. Failure in any one of those systems results in a failure of memory.

People with ADHD are known to have memory issues. Are these issues related to creation, storage, or recall? Good question.

I suspect that recall is not the issue, though...
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Stack The ADHD Deck

... that I can still love

Things happen in this ADHD life that make me glad I'm aware of what goes on in my head.

But even still, there are disappointments aplenty. In fact, there are times when I get fairly depressed.

And when that happens, it can be a self-perpetuating situation. The depression can cause stress, the stress can exacerbate the symptoms, the symptoms can cause more disappointments and...
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See The Trees But Deny The ADHD Forest

What do you see?

I know lots of people who might well qualify for an ADHD diagnosis. But, for various reasons, they don't have one.

Some aren't aware that they have ADHD, some are aware that they don't want to have ADHD, some deny its existence even in the face of them having been able to write the list of symptoms just by writing down the things they would change about...
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I Have ADHD And I’m Awesome

Learn & be awesome ...

I have ADHD, and I'm a writer. I write songs, poems, short stories, long stories, and of course, blog posts. This would be one of those.

And as a writer, I view literacy as an integral part of my ability to make a living. You see, if no one can read, I'm not really needed to do this writing thing, right?

So I do what I can...
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A Recovering ADHD Paper Hoarder

Papers that have numbers and letters on them

If you have ADHD, like I do, you probably are familiar with the dreaded stack of random papers. I have several around my house. ... ah, who am I kidding, I have several in each room of my house.

How did they get there? I have no idea. At first there's just one paper. And then there will be...
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Coming Out Of The ADHD Smoke

The pot calling the ADHDer burnt ...

It's over five years now since I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD. And just like getting over some virus that seems to hang on for ever, it's been a long slow recovery from that initial shock.

And also like that long slow recovery, I realized that the changes brought about by awareness and knowledge have made a...
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Fully Charged With ADHD

Shocking the amount of energy I need ...

Do you have ADHD primarily hyperactive? Or maybe ADHD combined subtype? If so, you know the sensation of always being on the go.

I wrote a couple of blog posts about my last weekend last Friday and Monday and I listed all the things I attended and some things I attended to.

And of course, there was normal activity as...
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ADHD, Know Thyself

The Temple of Apollo ... former home of the Oracle of Delphi

It may not seem like it at times, it may not seem like it ever, but there are occasions when I don't have a clue what to say.

I mean here in my blog. I am very rarely at a loss for words in person. In fact,...
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