ADHD Can Be Taxing

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Your boss, your neighbours, your co-workers and the members of your social groups are receiving their income tax refunds.

And you’re wondering where your receipts are.


ADHD: Fails To Listen

ADHD is so multifaceted that absolutely nothing about this disorder is simple. Thus diagnosis is complicated by the convolutions of the manifestation of the symptom combinations.

That, was a fancy way of saying ADHD is never the same in any two people with the disorder,


Make Time For ADHD

ADHD is all about time. Or more correctly, it’s about how we have no sense of time passing. We are poor at judging how much time something will take when we plan.


ADHD And Saying No

I have a problem. I can’t say no. When someone asks me to do something, I feel like I’m letting the world down if I say no.

And I’ve given this some thought,


… You might have ADHD

You know you can’t just say you have ADHD, right? In fact, if you go around saying it without having a valid diagnosis, there’s a chance you’ll upset someone who has the diagnosis.


Bite The ADHD Bullet

I’ve got a couple of jobs lined up. I said I’d do them and I will. For two reasons, first, I want to, and second, I keep my word.

And I told my boss that as far as jobs were concerned,