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Archives for April, 2015


I Am The ADHD Boy

... or at least ninety-nine and ninety-nine one hundredths ...

That’s one hundred percent true. And I don’t mean the ADHD poster boy, though I could be that too. I mean, if you need someone with ADHD, I’m the candidate you’re looking for.

“Why would I need someone with ADHD?” you’re asking yourself.

“Because we get things done!” is my answer.

Don’t laugh, I’m serious. We get...
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Apples And Oranges And ADHD

... depending on where you are.

In our ongoing series of posts that, although not advertised as such, are aimed at debunking myths associated with ADHD, a decision has been made to address the discrepancy in ADHD diagnoses in North America and Europe.

Those who are in the camp that suggests that ADHD is made up, will point out that there is no ADHD in many European countries.

Well, you got...
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ADHD – This Is Our Time

... or even bigger.

Fifty years ago there was no ADHD diagnosis. Now that has changed. It didn't come about suddenly, the history of the ADHD diagnosis is long and storied.

That history has included many names and descriptions over decades and centuries of documentation.

But we now have a diagnosis that is verifiable and, if not perfect, growing more accurate all the time.
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This Old ADHD Man

In my 18 years, I've
seen 56 years of life ...

Go ahead, ask me how old I am. I'll happily tell you. I'm ... no wait, that can't be right. Oh yeah, I'm 56.

I always get confused, you see, I feel like I'm 18. Well, not physically, physically I feel like I'm 86.

Yeah, it's been a hard...
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Just A Few More ADHD Questions

Uh, just a few more questions, Ma'am?
Photo in Public Domain

 Sometimes I feel like I'm some kind of detective. I've puzzled out more than my share of things regarding ADHD, had my share of “A-ha” moments, and busted my share of hoaxes.

Well, okay, I don't bust hoaxes, I usually just dis them, but they're good and dissed when I do it.

And like some of the great TV...
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ADHD, I’ve Had Enough

Well ... damned near!

You know what? I've had enough of this damned ADHD.

Yeah, I know I can't cure it. I know I can't change it. I know that ADHD symptoms are going to be with me for life.

I can compensate for them, but that need to compensate will always be there. ADHD is here for life, my life, my entire life.
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If It Is Broke, Should You Fix It?

The question is, does it need to be fixed to work?
Creative Commons License darkday via Compfight

On Wednesday I said, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it.” about people who's ADHD predated a diagnosis and who seemed to be making things work.

And I meant it. It's absolutely imperative that we recognize that ADHD is not diagnosable if there is no perceived negative impact. That's part...
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ADHD, Now And Then

I've been around awhile ...

My friend Leah (not her real name) and I started a conversation online the other day specifically about ADHD diagnosis and how older generations (like mine) relate and react to it.

“Of course their argument is that ‘back in their day ...’  and ‘you don't see generation ...’,” she said.

“I see gifts and talents from their generation.”

This got her thinking, and she admitted...
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