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Archives for March, 2015


Maybe Attention Deficit Is The Right Term

Attention to labels

I keep saying that we don't have a deficit of attention, we have a deficit of attention control.

What I mean by that is that people with ADHD don't seem able to choose what to pay attention to and then maintain that attention. Instead, our attention is attracted by many things. And the import of those things does not bear up under inspection.

We see the plane in...
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Lost In Years Of ADHD

Welcome to one of my other jobs ...

I have a new job. I'm involved with the “Arts” department of a local community online publication. And as such, I get to use it as an excuse to go to different things that one might consider artistic. Music and drama, art shows and film screenings all fall under my jurisdiction.

And so...
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Bringing My ADHD Online

Oooops, I have to check some tabs

The internet is a wonderful place to play. And for some of us it's also a great place to work. But for those of us with ADHD, being online is often like having to take your children to the grocery store.

You head in the front door of the “world wide web” knowing exactly what you're doing there....
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ADHD, Easily Distracted

When your own guilt is in the balance ...

I have noticed that I miss things. I'm not oblivious to my obliviousness.

That sounds like a paradox, and maybe it is. Heaven knows we have plenty of those, right?

But I've also observed that it's the boring things that I manage to miss. Those things that seem so much like watching paint dry are the...
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What Am I Saying About My ADHD

That's a lot of talk

You know what? I've written 550 posts on this blog. I've said a lot of things. Some of them I've said tongue in cheek, and some I've quoted from other sources.

I've stated my opinions, but always as opinions. I've offered my observations, and encouraged you to share yours. I'm not always able to reply to your comments, but I try to, and...
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Led Astray By ADHD

I love life. That may not come as much of a shock to anyone who reads this blog, but in case you missed it, well there it is. I love life.

At one time I wanted to be a famous pony express rider

I love my life, this life. I have some troubles, admittedly. I've seen some rough times. But I...
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What ADHD Is, And What It Isn’t

... or is it?

There are conflicting descriptions of ADHD, and there is a great deal of misinformation still being shared about it as well.

There are many things that ADHD is that are surprising to some, and many more things that it isn't.

These misconceptions make life more difficult for those with ADHD. They allow for erroneous stereotyping and stigmatizing, they allow ADHD's detriments to be dismissed rather...
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ADHD Is No Party

Follow my lead ...

But parties are places where people with ADHD can be found.

Why do we like parties? I don't know. Who doesn't like parties.

Of course there's the down side to parties. Sometimes they aren't the kind of party that we appreciate. Personally, I'm not keen on parties where there are lots of drugs. And I don't like parties where people are all trying to show their...
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What Is Success In An ADHD Life

Something I'm good at ...

Here's a little something I noticed about ADHD the other day. Success can lead so quickly to failure. In fact, success can cause failure.

How is that possible is the question I asked myself when I first realized that what I'd thought was actually perfectly true.

Well, I went back over the thought line that led to this conclusion and the logic has no...
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