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Archives for February, 2015


A Biased Look At The Three Groups Of ADHD Opinion

I think that maybe ....

I know there's lots of information out there about ADHD. And there seems to be three distinct groups, according to social networks and news outlets.

Those three groups differ greatly in their approach to the validity of ADHD.

And then, to complicate things, there is a bisection of these three groups. Each of these three groups is made up of people who don't have...
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Focus On Attention

Attention is easy ... focus, not so much!

ADHD is an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The name is a blanket term intended to collect a spectrum of symptoms under one heading. There are in fact two distinct main manifestations of ADHD, primarily inattentive and primarily hyperactive, with the third most common being a concatenation of the two.

In fairness, many of those who...
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Adult ADHD

Remember Me … And My ADHD

True, no doubt

Here's a problem that those of us with ADHD have. We want to be known, recognized, accepted. And so we say things and do things. Things calculated to be noticed, remembered.

But we have no sense of time really, and we have no sense of appropriate. Okay, that's not true. What is true is that in the heat of the moment, when an opportunity arises, we don't...
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The Real Victims Of Stigma

It's the right thing to do

The idea that a mental health disorder makes you less of a person is pretty deplorable. And sadly, it's also a rather common mind set.

And it hurts those who are victims of it.

This is, of course, what stigma is, this very idea. And to say that it's hurtful is a huge understatement.

And the victims of stigma are everywhere. Some are...
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ADHD – The Once And Future Disorder

We Rule!
(Deniers drool)

There's a lot of noise in the news and around the water fountain and even in coffee shops and on the street and, well, everywhere, about why ADHD never existed before and why there's such an increase in diagnoses.

The oft suggested answer of “It's a made up disorder to sell pharmaceuticals.” would seem to fit the narrow view of a few facts taken out...
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ADHD Deadlines Are Great … Kind Of

Gets me going every time

If you asked me what helps me accomplish more things than anything else, I'd have to say deadlines.

If you asked me why I'm just shy of having an ulcer, I'd say deadlines.

Deadlines are what the world seems to be made of. And in a way, that's great. Because deadlines provide the impetus to perform.

But it seems that often the deadline has to...
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