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Archives for December, 2014


In 2015, I Resolve To …

It's almost next year

So here it is. My last post of 2014. And this is the last day of 2014, New Year's Eve day.

And today is traditionally the day that New Year's Resolutions are made.

And boy aren't we good at making those resolutions. We don't typically wait until New Year's to make them, either. If I had a nickel for every time I said “I'll never do...
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The ADHD Party

This is my kind of party ...

So, you want to throw a party. But you have ADHD. How do you make it succeed?

Good question. I may have the answer, but let's look at the logistics of the problem first, shall we?

When you plan a party, you want it to be memorable. This isn't an ego thing, though for some people it could be.

The truth...
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Hey, You, The One With ADHD, Are You Happy?

Well? Are you?

I know, if you're like me, you have some problems. You have trials and you have stresses.

You have long bouts of cloudy brain weather followed by sunny, clear, cerebral skies when you suddenly see clearly all the things that you need to deal with, the things that have gone unseen for too long, or almost too long.

I know that you can list off times when you've...
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What ADHD Wants For Christmas

What would your wish be?

All year long I blog about what I learn about ADHD, what I think about ADHD, and what I think isn't true about ADHD. I also add posts about how I feel people with ADHD should work hard to feel good about themselves.

But I realize that I don't often write about the thoughts of others with ADHD.

So I went to one of...
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ADHD, It’s A Wonderful Life

You say ADHD is wonderful?

It's that time of year again. Wild spending on food and decorations and gifts for people to help celebrate whatever it is you and your family celebrate.

And traditions, oh the traditions. Dishes to prepare, songs to be sung, visits to share, stockings to be hung ... (I'll try not to slip into rhyme here, but it isn't easy, darned holiday excitement).

And the...
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12 Things That ADHD Is To Me

Thinking thoughts of ADHD

Just what is ADHD? I know, there's a clinical definition. But writing it out here would likely take up the whole post.

There's examples of development shortfalls and effects that must persist, and situations that produce certain overwhelming feelings and ... well, it does go on.

But maybe there's a shorter way to say it. Or maybe it isn't shorter, but more understandable. Maybe it would...
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I Can’t Seem To Hold Back Time With ADHD

It won't slow down ....

I whistle, in the dark.

I consciously look for the light places. I search for the good. I concentrate on the things I love.

And for the most part, I'm a positive person.

I make known my happy and cheerful thoughts and those thoughts come back to me from every corner of my world, magnified and multiplied by those who appreciate hearing good news in...
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