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Archives for November, 2014


Why Get An ADHD Diagnosis?

Yeah, mine doesn't look like this either

There are benefits to getting a diagnosis. For one thing, a diagnosis opens up your options for treatment.
Without a diagnosis, you might read books about ADHD and avail yourself of certain behavioural tricks and hacks.

Without that diagnosis, you also might read this blog and blogs written by others and then make use of suggestions found therein. Those would...
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Do It Now! Or Forget About It

What was I looking for?
Search me!

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down at the computer, just checking in on the social media medium of your choice, and you think, “Oh yeah, I was going to look up squirrels with odd coloured tails.” or perhaps something else of equal importance.

And then? Then you congratulate yourself for remembering. And then you decide to...
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What I Missed While I Was Distracted

Not every clock tells time ...

What have you missed in your life due to being distracted? There are all the usual things you and I both know. There are burnt dinners, overdue payments, overdue library books, medical and business appointments, social and educational dates.

There are coupons on my fridge door from 1̶9̶9̶8̶ (just cleaned the fridge) 2012. I have a short story manuscript currently being...
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What Things Exacerbate ADHD?


I've seen my ADHD symptoms fluctuate. And I've seen other's symptoms fluctuate as well.
The first thing that happened to me when I was diagnosed was my thinking “Ah, that explains ... everything.”

My follow up thoughts seemed to orbit around the idea that I should be able to compensate for my symptoms, now that I knew what they were, how they manifested and to what extent they influenced day to day...
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Computer Programming And ADHD

Hyper-focus program

Many of us with ADHD have a little problem with addiction. Mine manifests in different ways.

The worst addiction in my life is a 40 year struggle with alcohol. I'm happy to report that the last nearly 31 years of this struggle have been without the physical influence of the stuff. That's right, I'll have been sober for 31 years in early December.

But I've had other bouts with being...
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Accomplishments And ADHD

Success is on the rise!

Every time I do something, it's an accomplishment.

Every day is filled with accomplishments from one end to the other. But there are things I set out to do that I don't accomplish in a day.

Seems like an oxymoron, doesn't it? It seems like one of those dichotomies of which I sometimes speak. And I guess, to some extent, it is.
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